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  • I haven't tested this yet but doesn't this now basically replace input/userpicker which also views display name and supports multiple values?

    Apparently this doesn't support searching other entities than users and groups. Is there something that makes this tricky to implement or is it just waiting to be added?


  • @Juho Good point, somehow I missed this userpicker view.

    These views are independent though. Moreover input/autocomplete supports multiple instances on single page and /livesearch becomes extendable via plugin hook (so you can add new profile searches).

    I didn't implement more profile searches since my aim was only on the GUI part. Only problem with adding new ones is ambigious when dealing with current 'all' profile handling.

    It's probably good idea to merge these two views in 1.9 or make them dependent to reduce amount of JS code handling them.

    This plugin purpose is to introduce this change from 1.9 to 1.8 as iit won't be merged to 1.8 core.

  • Will this work on the Facebook theme?

  • @Huckleberry Pie: Yes, it will work with any decent theme plugin. I've just tested it to work on facebook theme, but css styles could use some fixing, due to transparent background of items and lack of selection styling, that doesn't look very well. It should be easy to do though.

  • what's the simplest way to test this plugin?
    i installed it and /livesearch is blank and i'm not sure where to view the autocomplete views. thanks

  • You have example of use in miscellaneous section in theming sandbox. This plugin provides view enhancement only, it doesn't introduce any use of it.

  • Well for some reason I couldn't get the instant results to work. The Search plugin is present and activated, and so is Live Search.

  • @Huckleberry Pie: Maybe the name of the plugin is confusing. It came from the name of core page handler used to retrieve data via AJAX by core views: input/autocomplete and input/userpicker. First of the views had quite ugly behavior, so I wanted to fix it, so it's usable while developing plugins. I hope it will be included in 1.9 version, but wanted to make it availible also for elgg 1.8.x. That's the purpose of this plugin. It just fixes one nice core input view - nothing more. For that reason it's rather meant for the developers, not the plugins "end users".

    For the record, there's no connection or dependency with search plugin here, just the core files.

  • I need a screen shot or demo please for this before I try. Sounds interesting plugin 

  • Can you please update this plugin?

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