Blog Ajaxed v1.2

Release Notes

Removed filter from add/edit of blog.


TODO: blog/owner/{username} is not working. Need to fix

  • thanks for the update - i'll wait until you have the fix for xxx/owner/username before uploading what i have done.
    i've generalised this for all mods that use the 'all' / 'mine' / 'friends' format.. next i will look at the groups page.
    i also want to get this coded for river_addon, so i'll ask gillie if there's any chance of integrating this there too.

  • i've put my code on my live site now, what an improvement :)
    i'll also look at adding this for the members page too.

  • i've been looking at ways of changing the way this plugin functions so that only the inner list elements of the list are replaced via ajax instead of the entire panel when a filter option (tab) is clicked.
    this is because the theme of my site uses colors and borders for the entity list which fade out and back in again when the tabs are switched.. which looks a bit strange..

    replacing the list items only would look great..
    i (hacked) the code to attempt to do this and it worked except i either lost the paginator or some other issue arose..
    any thoughts on how i might achieve this are welcome.

  • if anyone is still using this, i have updated my version so that it works well with most subtypes..
    what i have noticed today is that the 'infinite scroll' function does not work with the lists in groups.. it also does not work with blog ajaxed..
    any tips welcomed as to why that may be - i have looked and as yet do not know..
    the cause appears to be javascript related.

  • i have fixed this issue now by locating an innacurate jquery selector.. one step closer to total ajax smoothness.


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