Blog Ajaxed v1.1

Release Notes

- Added comments to sidebar

Todo: fix filter appearing in edit and add blog

  • re: your previous comment about integration..
    ok, i just think that many of us will want these features and unnecessary code duplication may occur.
    maybe others who are interested can comment here.
    or maybe its a relatively simple task to extend this to other parts of elgg? i haven't looked through the code yet.

  • i notice that the 'load more' box at the bottom of the list does not display when logged out.
    i have yet to see a solution to the 'load more' function that combines the load more button with pagination buttons, to be able to jump to particular points in the lists as well as load the content dynamically. that would be ideal.

  • ty for the example mark, just the kind of example i have been looking for.  this will help me tremendously as i am an newb when i comes to coding



  • @ura Did u try new version? Load More should only show when logged in...

    @costakisc You're welcome:)

  • ah yes, ok, with the new version the load more is present in both circumstances.
    i'm going to look at creating a version of this that applies to all tabbed pages, beyond blog.

  • You're going to have to edit plugins you want it to work with. Unless you strip out the content u get via ajax, just leaving what you need. But that's inefficient. 

  • hey mark, question you might be able to help with pointing in the right direction.  I kinda like the idea that ura was talking about with the pagination instead of the load more.  I have read lots of stuff about front end, back end, hidden divisions, etc.....any help?

  • mark: i was thinking of dynamically assigning the various paths and parameters within your php code so that all the locations are managed by the existing code structures you already wrote. so adding various switch statements and appropriate plugin names and paths.

    costakisc: i am describing having both the 'load more' and also the pagination buttons simultaneously.

  • im trying/thinking of pagination more like the tab ajax works instead of like an infinite scroll

  • i got confused earlier because i had 'watch my pages alongside this plugin in my test site.
    so yes, the 'load more' button does not render when logged out. is there a deliberate reason for that choice that i am missing? not sure of the benefit there.

  • @ura - it wouldn't work when logged out so i just disabled it cos i dont have time to investigate today. Will take a look another day.

    @costakisc - yeah you could do that, attach a click event listener to pagination with jquery.

  • i'm seeing an issue where the all,mine, friends filter tabs are rendered on the full blog object views as well as the blog listing page.

  • I'll have a look at that tomorrow, it's also showing up in edit/add blog, which it shouldnt

  • ok thanks.. i just noticed a corrupted variable name on line 66 of the lib file

  • i've hacked this now to work with videolist, tidypics albums and almost done bookmarks too..
    most likely i'll upload something by the end of tomorrow

  • i stopped coding this as i noticed how many locations there are in elgg that use tabs ;)
    i do want to adapt this so that all tabs are ajaxed - including the ones that appear in settings etc.
    my version of the code re-uses the existing code and just replaces relevant subtypes and context checks with the correct labels for the various plugins, which does function correctly for the plugins i've done so far.

    i also looked at removing the tabs from inner pages, though i haven't found a way to resolve that yet. my php knowledge is not huge.

  • @Mark Note that you may specify required plugins in manifest.xml file (together with particular version check, if you desire) . It's possible to even ensure proper plugins order or existence of php modules. It's better to have it defined than just writing in plugin description.

  • @Pawel - Duly noted, will update the manifest file. 

    @ura - will take a look at the tabs on inner pages today

  • @mark: did you find the solution here? any tips if i look at this too?

  • @ura - i just looked at this again, i will update the plugin today so filter doesnt appear when adding/editing blogs


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