Question Paper plugin for 1.8 v1.0

  • Hi ALL,

    This is initial Release please don't use this code on production . Still not tested properlly. Please share the issues. I am working on AJAXING this Will realse this soon.

  • The Button "Start Paper" is visible only for the creator of the Testpaper. For other Users it is not visible.

    It is not advantageous that you must first create the test paper and only then can add the questions. It would be easier first to create complete test paper with all Questions and publish it then. But this is not a fault. It´s just my personal opinion

    For the first version, there is still a good work from you. fix it and it will be a great plugin.

  • @@ SadPoet, I am totally agreed with you. My site have teacher \ student groups and teacher group only have the access to add and start the paper and student only can start the paper.. Even in my site it has option to create the question paper in the category. But I cannot realise that plug-in here in the community as that will not work independent. so just I just realise this question paper plugin here in case someone in this community have the need for similar plugin any one can enhance  up to their need.

    Regarding your second query i am not very clear right now also its working like this you create the question paper then add the question \ marks\ time. please explain me more regarding the flow I will happy to improve it more.

    Currently I am working on making this plugin with AJAX.


  • Hello,

    I activated the plugin but nothing shows. Did I do something wrong?

    Uploaded it to /mod/

    Thank you

  • Sorry issue resolved, theme error.

  • This is the error Im getting. How do I fix this?

    Deprecated in 1.8: $vars['options'] must be an associative array in input/radio Called from [#9]
  • did any one tried this plugin .... wher to add the answer ..... if any one completed means tell the details

  • I well installed in Elgg 1.8 but since logged in I couldn't to find the link to access the feature. I am using Facebook theme. Regards


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