Google Books in Elgg v2

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Change log:

- removed jquery

- added plugin setting to enter the API keys (thanks Matt for the reminder ;-) )

  • Thanks for updating this so fast.
    Just tried it out and it looks like a search field with "javascript" as a default search item.
    It's cool but what would be more useful is for users to have their own library where they choose which books they want to display and they can place and remove books. That way a user can go to someone's shelf and see what they've got there.

  • Looks interesting. What API keys are required? Google seems to have dizzying array of options in its APIs console. 

  • Register the app here:

    The plugin asks you for two keys, one is the "Client Secret", the other is the API key. You get both of them from Google. To get the Client Secret was easy. For the API, after you get the secret, click on "Services" top left menu, and turn on Google Books. Then the API will appear at the bottom of the page if you scroll down.

  • Can't seem to make it work. I've created a Client ID for web applications, given it my domain. It fills out a URL with an oauth2callback. It then generates a Client ID and Client secret. I enter these into the plugin settings. Upgrade and refresh cache. Go to page, and get "Error, please try later :s". Am I missing something?

  • Don't enter the client ID. You need to enter in Key 1: Client Secret, in Key 2: API. Make sure to get the API as well from Google. Read what I wrote above.

  • @rm@nd@,

    You need to modify the file googlebooks.php

  • Hello,

    tried and works fine (just like @rm@nd@ says, no file(s) modified).

    Nice idea even if I think (just a comment, compliments to the author anyways) it would be useful if users were able to add their own favourite books to the library which would then be a place where a community could share favourite books and nicely display them


  • Hi Michele,

    For the next version it is foreseen to add it to the plugin setting. Maybe this WE.

  • That would be very nice, thank you Spartakus! In our small-but-growing community we already have users suggesting books to read but of course they're simple pages hard to find...

    Just as brainstorming here...what about thinking of a higher-level category such as 'Community favourites' to hook 'favourite books' (this plugin) and later 'fave movies' (possibly linking to IMDB), 'fave music' (possibly linking to..Amazon?)?

    This could be many users' desire...GPL/commercial versions with more features...


  • Awesome plugin. One thing I noticed is that it does something to the body/html element. I can provide a link or screensot which ever.



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