Translations diagnostic v1.1.2

Release Notes

  • Yet another Elgg 1.8 compatibility fix
  • Nice... caught that last input/select... 

    I have not looked over your code... but from your last comment re: notifications I take it you are not checking strings referenced in those notification calls... like the notification plugin_hooks. I mention it only because while using your tool to find and add missing strings, I noticed I was missing several notification strings. Would be nice to have your tool spot those as well as those used in elgg_echo.

  • I'm catching every call to the elgg_echo function by splitting every file to parser tokens and analyzing each call arguments. I'm not catching currently anything else - focusing on translations only. Also calls from eval'ed code (eval/create_function) won't be caught by my analyzer, but that should not be the case for nothifications. So I don't fully understand your problem.

  • This plugin may not work on php 5.2.x versions. PHP 5.3 is recommended.

Paweł Sroka

Former Core Elgg team member, freelance developer.


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  • License: Expat (MIT) License
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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