Translations diagnostic v1.1

Release Notes

This version works only on Elgg >=1.9 Check newer version for 1.8 support.

  • Added basic complex matching analysis and overview. Fixed minor bug with treating elgg_echo defnition as it was the call.
  • Lots of refactoring, added selection of language and disabled plugins inclusion. Fixed some output descriptions.
  • EOL fix + some display cleanup to make whole thing more user friendly.


  • so i notice the output says that unused plugins were skipped...
    yet the list of missing tokens includes plugins that are inactive/unused.

    am i missing something?

    also for some reason, the admin panel is not properly showing the language tokens for this plugin.. maybe there is a fundamental error on my install somehow.. hmm

  • Vasco, Nice to see you are working on this. It is very useful. Have downloaded the new version but have not had time to look it over in depth. Admin form uses input/select rather than input/dropdown (is this an elgg 1.9 change?). Also looks like you are not registering your language file... translations are not showing up - which points to an interesting use case - in this case your language file has the translations but is not registered. Perhaps your code could / should check for language files that are found but not registered.

  • Missing tokens mean that script found call to elgg_echo for language key that wasn't defined in processed language files. Is it possible that you have elgg_echo call in active code that uses token from disabled plugin? I've tried to test it quite well before releasing (probably including particular call location in code would be useful as future feature) If youre sure this is the bug I'll investigate it, but not today - let me know.

    Ad. showing language tokens: Try cleaning the cache again - won't hurt. I was testing this plugin only on 1.9 version, maybe something did change in admin panel translations standard. I'll have to test it on 1.8 install as well.

  • @Jimmy Coder: I'm Paweł, not Vazco (it's just name of company where I work) ;-)

    I'm working here with 1.9 standards, input/select was the idea of replacement for input/dropdown (probably input/dropdown won't be deprecated in 1.9 though); languages registration in 1.9 works with just returning translation arrays (didn't check with 1.8 - my fault; that's probably the same what @ura heve noticed). Note that analysis handles both formats though.

    It's probably good idea to do such check for 1.8, if we register and if we use proper language key to register (same as file name).

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to fix these soon.

  • Looks like this is set up for 1.9. Your language file is 1.9 format. I changed to to the 1.8 format and translations are picked up. Changed the input/select to input/dropdown and all is fine...

  • Sorry Paweł, my apologies... I saw (vasco) and was confused... Nice to meet you. I like your plugin quite a bit. Its very useful. I've changed it up for my dev purposes so no worries. Keep up the good work!

Paweł Sroka

Former Core Elgg team member, freelance developer.


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