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Authenticated link to a site outside to enjoy the authentication provided by ELGG.

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1.72.1 (12.06 kB)2013-Mar-16
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Post a link to a site (http://www.monsite.com/) with value http://www.monsite.com/n=name&m=mail&k=token

valid for a fixed time limit (TimeOut).

The link is changed (AJAX) with the timing set by TimeOutDetails of the options:   

  Link text: This is displayed in the bar or elsewhere  

  URL: site destination (http://www.monsite.com/upload?) Will eventually link: URL.n = name & email & m = k = token    

  Secret: The shared secret for encryption

  TimeOut: The time, in seconds, the validity of the token   

  Group: Group with the link in the bar   

  CSS Selector: To place the link

For more links simply separate sites by, in each field                         (newline possible).           

              For exmple for two links:          

              - Link text: textlien1; textlien2            

             - URL: http://lien1/; http://lien2/            

              - Secret: secret1; secret2                

              - TimeOut: 10, 30        

              - Group: group1, group2           

              - CSS Selector: # elgg_topbar_container_left; # tutu



  • Category: Authentication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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