Discount Vouchers Plugin v1.8.2.1

Release Notes

  • Small bug fixes
  • Hi nice plugin thanks for your hard work.. Can you include Indian Rupee ₹ also if possible in next version.. 

  • Well, I actually included currency list from paypal (

    You can easily add more currencies at lib/vouchers.php file, in functions get_currency_list and get_currency_sign.


  • Thank you for this plugin.

    Would it be an idea to add (for whatever version, free/commercial):

    - Elggx Userpoints Integration (iionly's, so that users could "buy" vouchers with Elggx Userpoints.

    - Define a range of codes for each voucher and increment the code on the voucher for each voucher use.

    - Index page widget.


  • @İşöğüçı

    Thanks for suggestions. Especially the 1st about Elggx Userpoints Integration is great idea. 

    About the 2nd one, I guess you need it for proving a limited number of vouchers? If yes, in commercial version is available similar functionality, so that the owner define the available no of vouchers so that this number is reduce for each purchase.

    Anyway, I am going to add these suggestions in todo list 


  • Indeed Elggx userpoints integration whereby you could use userpoints for buying vouchers would be interesting.

    As for the 2nd point: Normally voucher-issuer (vendor) would only be happy if it is used as many times as possible. But there are also cases there you want each printed voucher to be used only once (especially if the vouchers are for sale).  I had already seen at your web site ( that the commercial version allows you to specify a count. It is a good idea but I think it serves a different purpose.  Like, once someone prints/buys a voucher once, it can be copied and reused many times.  You don't want it if you are selling vouchers. If  it was possible to define a serial number-range for each individual voucher so that each printed/bought voucher get a unique number (assigned every time a voucher is sold), then the voucher-issuer (vendor) could check if it was used already. This could be viable for the commercial version and needless to say only if there is indeed a real business need from your customers... 

    Thanks for the plugin. regs.

  • @İşöğüçı

    OK, it make sense what you suggest for 2nd point. I already put it in priority for next releases.

    Thsnk again, Nikos


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