Custom Style elgg 1.8 beta v1.0

  • whats been changed in this, it looks like the original


  • no cambie nada solo modifique parametros en el archivo star.php para que funcione en 1.8

  • estás actualizando el 1,8? tengo una versión que funciona, a sólo 2 mensajes obsoletos, y no han descubierto la manera de la detección automática de los colores funciona. La versión que tengo está configurado para que el usuario controle todo el sitio no sólo el perfil

  • quieres mandarme un mp o me muestras el enlace a tu sitio yo ya casi estoy terminando la version full 

  • Wow I LOVE this plugin, wanted it so badly. Anyone has tested this plugin? Works fine? 

    Is this bug free or still there are some bugs?... I want this plugin fully working this is really awesome one

  • kiss, its the same as the one i was working on last year, except this one has the deprecated messages.  i think mariano is working on an updated version though


  • costakisc yes you are right, I hope if someone can make this plugin fully bug free. This one I tested which Mariano posted but I already found three bugs :(

    First bug is photo upload for background, doed not show the uploaded image and web page says >>> Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested.

    2nd bug is with Geoplugin, when you are logged out and try to visit any user profile website will give error which is related to Geoplugin. So somewhere is conflict between this plugin and geoplugins.

    3rd bug is in colors options, the Configure header background color does not save any color codes and return backs to FFFFFF after saving the page

  • i think he is talking about my plugin. it is a known bug and i do not have time to fix it at the moment. i did however fixed it by overriding a view on my site. if you want to fix it, then you'll have to use my code on a view in your theme

  • i am not going to download and test this version.  i went through lots of frustrations last year (when i really didnt know what i was doing).  The version that i have on my test site, has 2 bugs.  

    1. Deprecated messages (2 messages) related to the same line of code.  get metadata from entities.  I know this is a simple fix, i have just never taken the time to change the code into an array.

    2. is the colors as mentioned by KISS.   I never used 1.7 so the classes mentioned in the code were foreign to me.  It seems to be some problem with an autodetect/save feature.  Never figured out what the code was actually trying to do, autodetect or save the color codes.  


    The version that i fixed??? will save and load backgrounds, change colors of whatever i want it to.  I can make all the colors change and save/detect except for the last 2.  and if i remember right, it doesnt matter what order i change them to in the settings/colors page, the last 2 will never save/detect.  

    If anybody is serious about fixing/updating this, i will be happy to share what i have and help in any way i can.


  • costakisc Yes I tested your plugin was better than this, this plugin even does not show the upload image. It means this plugin is still packed with bugs.

    See below image does not show after uploading.


  • mariano said that all he did was update a little of the start.php to make the plugin work.  Because of my crappy understanding of spanish and crappiez google translate, i believe he said that he is working on updating a complete version to 1.8.  I pm'ed him and will gladly share what i have done to help move things along.  I am very new to js and i think that is where the problem lies in the colors saving/detecting.  

    From what i remember after banging my head against a wall for awhile.  the colors dont actually save, when you open the colors page it detects the colors you currently have:

    $body .= "<table class='customstyle'><col style='white-space:nowrap'>";
    // creating fields for autodetecting of css colors
    $body .= "<div style='display:none;'>";
    $body .= "<div id='profile_info'></div>";
    $body .= "<div class='collapsable_box_header'><h1></h1></div>";
    $body .= "<div class='collapsable_box_content'></div>";
    $body .= "</div>";

    the save feature i believe is what is saved as metadata that is later called for each user.  thats where i had problems at.

  • Wow this will be sweet as soon as the bugs are gone, cant wait.

  • Plugin very good ... SENSATIONAL will be corrected when the bug's ... I hope it will soon fixes.

    Plugin muito bom... vai ficar SENSACIONAL quando corrigidos os bug´s... espero que venham logo as correções.


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