Gematria Calculator Widget v1

  • does this use a particular of the available methods? and what's the acuracies and relevance of the results beyond the casual 'entertainment' aspects? i cannot test at all because of the alphabet unless a roman alphabet version would work as well and approriately ;)

  • Hi DhrupDeScoop,

    In fact it uses the AtBash and Katan methods, it reverts the value for a specific letter or for any sentence (I personnaly tried with a full verse of Torah). TheJS included ensures that the roman alphabet (or others) is set translated to Hebrew when typing (just need the kb mapping).

    My point with the widget is that 3 JS are registered and called, but in order for the tool to work the JS codes need to be in the content.phpfile. Puzzling...

  • i was lost about 'germatria'.. until i looked it up!
    i have studied other origin numerology methods
    -- same./similar scientific basis, different applied mathematics ;-)
    i might/will look into into the methods you've listed.. 
    and see what my JS experience can work out maybe differently
    to resolve any code issues you've encountered ;-oO 
    (torah, kaballah.. ?! very interesting... i am familiar with also...;O )
    the JS code could be translated into PHP to be called via AJAX ;-)
    if that makes it any easier to handle at the code level.


  • Dear Dhrup,

    The Js is already included in the content.php, but I still need to register them in start.php and call them in content.php, otherwise, the code is not fully working. I confess, I have no clue how to sort this out...


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