Statcounter 1.0 v1.0

  • Hi, can you confirm that the statcounter code to be using is from ? If so, it alright to use the Javascript code that they generate to add to the analytics.php ?

  • Yes, it's for and the java code needs to be pasted into the analytics.php file. 

  • Installed. Works Good. Recommended. Thanks.

  • Screenshot would make it really great. I wanna see how it counter looks like on web before I install this plugin :)

    Please add a screen shot :)


  • This is for invisible tracking using stacounter. It doesn't put a visible counter on your pages 

  • Yes, and should be kept invisible.

    @kiss - You basically login to and create a free account, grab your java code and insert it into the .php file he has provided, then check your statcounter, and use the tools there to track visitors, etc. It is very useful.

    @thoughts - I have found a very handy tool to show how many users are online with country, etc it is free also: (the one I like is in the blue) Anyway, only problem is, a widget would have to be made so the settings could be set for admin only to view this widget, if you get bored and think you can make a widget to use with widget manager for this, is it possible? I want to be able to add the geo widget on the homepage with the homepage cms plugin and set it for admin only. What do you think?

    Just looking for a tool to be able to tell me how many people are actually on the site live; guests & logged in, which it would provide with country flags, but I can't get the Java to work right from the widget manager w/ the freehtml its not supporting javascript code, any ideas on this? Thankyou for your time.

  • Trusting a third party with the visitor info of my website, is like delegating a neighbor to watch who goes into and leaves my house, how long they stay, what they do while they stay and it's totally up to the neighbor what he'll do with this information. He promises he'll give it to me and no one else but who knows?

    What would help me is a good local solution that I control myself without depending on a third party. I want to know how many unique hits (a counter which doesn't count every subsequent refresh by the same visitor) the landing page (frontpage) has. Some visitors just look at the site, see what's it's about, get some info and do not join. A popularity measure for the landing page only would be great.

    If someone can point out such a solution, which doesn't require registration with a thrid party, I would be grateful.

  • You can trust statcounter the site has been around for awhile, can be useful for SEO research too. I have been using it on 5 of my sites for the past 7 years, the information provided is useful, I have yet to upgrade my account though, I just use the basic free one, thats all I need.

  • Thanks Kim. Would this also count not registered, not logged in visitors who view public pages?

  • Yes it will. Gives you lots of detailed information, ip addresses/country and more, also will give you came from links and recent keyword activity. But the keyword activity won't showup for a few days. Signup, add a project, get your java code and install it. Works well.


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