News Plugin for elgg 1.8 vsw11_1

Release Notes

-Removed 'All', 'Friends', 'Mine' tab (costakisc)

-Added a Grid View Layout

-Settings Page

  • Lovely plugin, that is what I REALLY WANTED.

    Thank you so much rjcalifornia & costakisc

    I want one more changes :) Please is it possible to hide or remove (Admin published a news post or By Admin)

    I would like to make a new account on website called NEWS and through that account I want to publish the news. Or just want to remove/ hire (news published by)


    Because if I post any news then other users would see that I am posting news, I do not want to show them who is posting the news, Or the 2nd option is to make a new user called (news) and post news through that account.

    Is it possible? :)

  • give me a few to look into it, i am sure it is possible to remove it


  • Very nice.

    The News plugin would stand out even more, if there was a publish date. When the author want to publish the news..

  • it is possible, guess you would also like it removed from the river?

  • @muller, you mean to have it saved as a draft and then posted at a given date in the future?


  • wow costakisc yes please do that as I said above, I love this plugin sounds interesting specially Grid view I like. But I do not want to post as Admin, I wanna make a new user called News and post news through that account or just want to show the website name/logo instead of (published by Admin)

  • i can tell you how to make the changes to the news page immediately.  the river activity  i will actually have to look at the code.  but i need specifics of what you want and where you want it.  for the code you are asking it would be special code just for you, not sure how many people want the news posted as you are asking


  • @kiss, 

    look in news/views/default/object/news.php somewhere around line 23 i think.

    /*$owner_icon = elgg_view_entity_icon($owner, 'tiny');
    $owner_link = elgg_view('output/url', array(
    //'href' => "news/owner/$owner->username",
    'text' => elgg_echo('News'),
    'is_trusted' => true,
    )); */
    $author_text = elgg_echo('News posted');
    $date = elgg_view_friendly_time($news->time_created);

    now to do it correctly for the elgg_echo, you should create something in the language file so it can be translated if needed.  Then there is the matter of an icon that is no longer there, do you want an icon of some sort, or nothing at all?

  • and the grid view can easily be put into your blogs, i know you asked about that in the past

  • Its a nice plugin. Thankyou. Recommended.

  • costakisc bro yes I changed this line >>   $author_text = elgg_echo('byline', array($owner_link));   into >> $author_text = elgg_echo('News posted'); 

    But still I can see my user profile avatar next to the news when I publish. Read my PM for details.

    2nd thing yes I WOULD LOVE to have grid view for my blogs and pages as well. Please help me with that too.

    I LOVE this news plugin and I wanted it so badly and now I can have that on elgg only want to change that my user avatar thing next to the news then would be perfect for me. Because I do not want to show my users that news I am publishing I would like to show my site logo there instead of my avatar.

    Many many thanks in advance.

  • wow I just removed the following codes;

    $owner_icon = elgg_view_entity_icon($owner, 'tiny');
    $owner_link = elgg_view('output/url', array(
    'href' => "news/owner/$owner->username",
    'text' => $owner->name,
    'is_trusted' => true,

    And now I can not see my avatar next to the news. But I wish if I am able to show News Icon or my Site logo there.

  • Another thing now, I can see in the wire it says (Admin published a news post). How I can change that in the wire? So that users will not be able to see my name & avatar (user Admin) and in the wire it would show only news posted something like that??

    Sorry for my poor english but I hope costakisc you understand what I want

  • i got your pm kisssss, give me a few to get it worked out.  really busy lately so spare time is limited.

  • Thanks a lot costakisc,

    And one more feature I am thinking would be great for this plugin if possible. Because now only one admin can post news, would be great if we can add moderators or give access to few members who can also post news on the site. Because one admin is hard to collect & update news all the time. I would like to give access to post news to only few members who can post news as well so that site will have more new news if few members have power to post on it.

    What you guys thing is that good idea? For me I think that would be really great so that my site will have more latest news from various members and other normal members can only read the news.

  • i have never looked in to the moderators/roles idea in elgg, so i wouldnt look for that anytime soon.  couple updates i am working on:  admin setting to turn on/off news post for users or admin only, publishing a draft at a future date and embedding/uploading images in the way that phloor did.  the first two shouldnt be that hard, the last i am unsure of.

  • Can you change the size of the thumbnails? It would be great if you can add pretty good size pictures so you also can see what the article is about?



  • what thumbnails exactly are you talking about?  and working on an article picture


  • On the All site news page, there are these tiny thumbnails where you cannot make up what the article is about.

  • @costakisc

    I am sorry brother, it did not register with me... why is this plugin used for?
    How is it different than the blog plugin?

  • in reality there is no difference except this says news. It just gives you an admin only page where you can  post news articles or whatever you would like to talk about, moview reviews, game reviews, etc.... just for admins and no users.

    @zero, i still do not know what thumbnails you are talking about, the only thing that appears on my page, is the user icon and the excerpt.  could you post a screenshot?


  • @zerocool22 There are no thumbnails. Ask Costakisc said, there are no thumbnails.

    @costakisc It would be very useful if we gather the code posted here and include it in the next release. I've been super busy lately but I would like that we could deliver something more than just a 'copy of blogs' which actually right now is kinda far away from the blogs plugin :D


    @all There's a delay in new releases, I'm super extremely busy :(

  • figured you were, me too.  I just drop in from time to time to check comments and mail.  I have a admin setting to turn on or off the users ability to post news, working on thumbnails, and some jquery css stuff i found that looks cool.  i'll send a pm later when i have a little time


  • @rj, we are going to turn this into a legit stand alone plugin, that will resemble nothing in the blogs but the framework.  i have the icon deal work out that kiss was asking for.  i coded it for him, but will work it out as an admin option if you think its worth it, also the admin option to allow users to post.  working on the thumbnail now, but its probably gonna take some time.

  • would be cool is somebody would find a decent image of a newspaper, say about 40px x 40px.  KISSSYYYPOOO????


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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