News Plugin for elgg 1.8 vsw11

Release Notes

What's next to do?

-Remove 'Friends' and 'Mine' Tab

-Remove 'Add news post' button for non admins.

-Remove Sidebar Links

  • you gonna put it on github so others can help?


  • you do xbox?  will work out a deal for some code for an account..........


  • @costakisc I don't have a github. Well I do have an account there but I never knew how to use it :/

    Yes I do play xbox hehe but my account expired =/ Code? Really? =O

  • i have an account on github too and dont know how to use it either.  yep, i would be happy to work out a deal for an account.  as a show of good faith, i have an account you could recover right now and use while we work out details, if you are interested.

  • @costakisc I've been reading some 'newbie' guides on how to use/setup github but I am still totally lost so I never used. I think having it there would be very useful so anyone can enhance it and have a better news plugin.

    Well I'm interested hehe. Let's PM to share our emails!

  • Can we change complete the layown of all NEWS home page? Because the main news page looks like same blogs only the difference is text, this calls news and that calls blogs. Please could you work on the layout to change it completely make the home page of NEWS plugin same as news websites have :)

  • @kiss, if rj doesnt mind a little help, i am going to implement some of the layout from the phloor news plugin, its give a grid layout in 2 columns and also embeds the photos a little different, its really cool and started on this a long time ago, just havent had a chance to do much.  

    @rj, your to do list, i have the filter removed and the "add" title button for admins only if you want me to email you the code changes

  • the links you are talking about in the sidebar are the comments and tag cloud?  i could handle that also, as a feature also in the phloor plugin, it had an archive link where it would list by month/year, was pretty cool also, but something to think about

  • costakisc yes yes yes please make grid layout in 2 columns or 3 columns which would give different feelings to the users when they go to news plugin. Otherwise all looks same as blog, groups.

    I wish if I can find out how I can change layout of blogs & groups to grid 2 columns. I am using elgg with default them. 

  • see i told you, this plugin is possible without a "framework". developers need to know that you don't need to make a framework to work on a framework! just build your classes or libraries seperately and call it when needed! regular people don't know if developers who are making a plugin will collect data (phone home) without their knowledge!

  • btw if you want this grid like, i can help. just want to know if someone wants to request the blog entities to show as a grid instead of a 1 by 1 list

  • @ rjcalifornia


    1) But how to disable? -> only for admins?, please.



    2) -> 'developers who are making a plugin will collect data (phone home)'

    Which data?

  • xsurf, in the lib folder, news.php  somewhere around line 96-99, cant remember exactly where make the code look like this:

    if (elgg_is_admin_logged_in()){

  • dont see why you would have to change that?  hmmm didnt need to on mine

  • data could be anything

  • you could use the old phloor news without framework before, the framework just changes something about how images upload/embed and viewing thumbnails.  the new phloor news is pretty awesome with the lightbox for images and some other options, which is what i am looking at now


  • Yes, sorry, I just saw it and deleted the post, the new one:

    Chandeg news with phloor_news in all files, now can use the old phloor_news news without phloor_framework.


    Anyone would like to make work phloor_menuitem work with elgg 1.8.13 :)

    I think, many people need this... :/

  • i got the 2 column grid layout figured out, just need to clean up the code a little, so hopefully today/tomorrow will get it to rj for some tests. 


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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