renameGroups - 1.8.X v1.0

  • What to change to use this with other languages, please?

  • Is it possible to have a plugin that doesn't just rename groups, but renames all the links to that groups name. So each menu says "Smith Optics discussion" instead of "group" or "gathering (a rename example)".

  • @xsurf + TahoeBilly: this plugin here does not much else than modifying some language strings. The nice thing is that you can do the change via the admin backend of your site. The disadvantage is that you are at least in the current version of this plugin restricted to changing only the few language strings included in this plugin and it only works for en.php.

    If you want to change the text for other languages or if you want to also change other language strings (not necessarily restricted to the groups plugin), you can simply create your own custom language file(s) - either in a separate plugin or for example included in the languages folder of your site theme. You would only need to include the modified language strings in the custom language files and you would need to place this custom plugin (or your theme) below the plugin that originally includes these language strings. Then they will get overridden and you see your own text instead. If you want to add the custom language strings via your theme and there is already a language file with your theme, simply add your language strings to the existing file. If you want to add the modified language strings via a separate plugin, you would only need to include also a start.php and manifest.xml in addition to the languages folder with your custom language files for the plugin (and the translation included) to work.

  • Yep
    MentorSpaces the first
    elgg.1.6 @ mid-2009
    talks like a group
    walks like a group
    doesnt look like a group
    but *is groups plugin


  • Thanks iionly. I thought with this plugin I could avoid this... :)

  • jeroen's language/translation manager is very effective

  • What I am suggesting is a plugin where when it says for instance "group files" or "group discussion" it might say "Smith Optics files/discussions" etc. etc. So it inserts the groups title name in those menus.

    Was anything suggested covering that?

  • Which if this makes sense maybe it could an selection on the plugin "would you like menus to use groups title name?". This could be additional to the change of groups to be renamed, which would cover only certain menus outside of group.

    Said another way, some menus should have a group name replacenent, the widgets and side menus should have option to use the "title" name instead of "groups" of "renamed groups" AAAHHH!

  • @all : this plugin is needed only if you are using the default english language pack. The plugin will handle all the future additions too in the group language file. You dont have to keep on adding new translations when new versions of Elgg is released.

    If you need it for other languages, then your best solution is to manually create translations for those language strings. This plugin is of no use in that case.

    @TB : good Idea. But we dont have any plan for upgrading this plugin or adding any more functionality to it. Its a final release.

  • Hi, don't know if it was already noticed before, but when on the setting is placed any description with the word "group" or variances, the plugin behavior replace twice, the first one replace the original word "group" after that replace again the word "group "from" de settings.  e.g.

    if a wanna to replace "Groups" by "User Groups" the results on the site is "User User Groups".




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