AU Sets (Pinboards) v2.0.0

Release Notes

  • 1.9+ upgrade
  • general code cleanup
  • more efficient queries for friends
  • greatness! the bug with adding new widgets is fixed. thanks a lot!

  • I really don't understand this. I'm using Elgg 1.12. Posting my content works fine, then I pick the widget layout. But once I click Save, all I see are the widgets I dragged into place. It says Im looking at the widget view, so I click the link to change to Display view, and I still see only the widgets.

    I log in as another user, and I can see the first part of the content that gets truncated, in the list view for all pinboards. But when I click on the article or pin title, it goes back to a page where only the widgets are visible again.


  • from what i gathered from your description, you are experiencing expected behavior here. i don't have a use for the 'view mode' - i just use the layout mode. i'm not sure why anyone would use the view mode.

  • not sure what the bug was, but yay!

    The widgets is the set.  There are two views for the widgets if you can edit the set - there's the widget view (view mode) which shows the widgets in their normal fashion, and layout mode - that has the black bars above each widget column.  This is necessary because some layouts have widgets stacked vertically and without those markers it's hard to place widgets into a column above or below another.

  • i think it makes more sense just to enable the layout mode where the set is editable and do away with the button to switch modes. i can understand the desire to see the 'public view' of the set, but in reality that will not be particularly different to the layout view.

    another option for greater simplicity is to just rename the button so that it reads something like "show drag regions" and "hide drag regions".

  • True, but it's stylistically different.  Unless I'm adding/moving widgets I would want to be seeing mostly what everyone else is seeing.

  • i just think it's a bit of an underwhelming sub feature for such a potentially useful area of functionality. i'll rename the buttons on my site and it will probably bother me less!

    what i know would be a great feature is to auto-name the header of the single item widgets according to the item it contains. as it is presently, i need to click into the 'advanced' area to manually copy and paste the title of the contained item into the widget's header, which is unnecessarily complicated and i think puts people off from using pinboards altogether. i did look into how to do this a while ago but got distracted.

  • I must not have been clear enough in my description. I do not have any issue with the widget vs display mode.

    Once I enter my content and click Save, I cannot see any of the article content. All I can see are the widgets - NO POST that is supposed to be visible above the widgets.

    In the list view showing all pins, the pin article title is listed, along with the first few lines of text. But when I click on the title to open it, only widgets are available.

    I thought maybe I have to add a widget specifically to show the content. But there is no such widget for the content of the article itself. I'm confused. Either there is another step I've missed, or something isn't working correctly.

    Any ideas?

  • There is nothing meant to display above the widgets.  The idea of the pinboards is you set your own layout with widgets.  If you want to display the description of the pinboard then you need to add the pinboard description widget.

  • Aha! Well thank you for that, now I see how it works. The difficulty however (and I'm sure I'm not the only person confused by this), is that an article "description" does not generally refer to the content of a whole article itself. Description is usually a summary field. In the plugin notes for "description", it even mentions this will show author, tags, etc, but nowhere does it suggest that the description widget is needed to show the actual article itself.

    It works now that I understand the terminology, but please make this more clear in future updates. I'm also a little unsure how pinning and sets work, but will play with it and try to learn more. It would be so helpful to have some basic documentation though.

    Thanks for your help. 

  • oh, i just realised that the view mode also hides the default element style of widgets which have that setting enabled too. so i need to use different labels for the view mode button than i have used.

    i think i will go for 'view this in edit mode' and 'view this as others see it'

  • Yes that's correct, view mode is for all display options, while edit mode ensures you can actually edit your widgets regardless of display settings.

  • just found a minor issue here. the entity list for the 'list' view in the edit mode of a pinboard has the css class 'au-sets-pinned-list', but does not have the class 'elgg-list-entity'. since i have used the class 'elgg-list-entity' in my theme, specifically for any list that contains entities, the list view for pinboards is broken here.

    i thought about adding a clause for this issue in my theme's CSS file, but figured it would be better to just get the class added to the list definition in the pinboards source.

  • i just noticed that the latest version of widget manager for 1.12.x is not compatible with the pinboards plugin. the lightbox of widgets that appears on the pinboard pages no longer displays the correct list of widgets and the title label is broken too.

  • only the administrator is able to add widgets the normal user is not able to they are getting an user msg stating "We could not add your widget"

  • any idea on when this will be upgraded for 2.x ?

  • i see, ok. i need this to work in 2.x before i can upgrade my live site, so once i have finished all the other upgrade tasks i might fork pinboards and see what i can come up with.

  • ok, sorry, it's not that I'm not planning on upgrading it, just that I'm busy and it's only being used on one project that I'm involved with and they're not upgrading to 2.0 anytime soon so my immediate need for it isn't there.

  • that's ok - i understand. i've learned a bit about github recently so the prospect of collaborating on code is not such a mystery to me now!

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