AU Sets (Pinboards) v1.8

Release Notes

- new plugin setting to allow usage of additional widgets in pinboards

- enforces plugin priority with regard to au_widgets

- changed tense of search help text to 'you' instead of 'I'

- changed pinboard search method from FTS to LIKE for forward compatibility with innodb

- fixed invalid limit to results for pinned content in single pin selection modal

- fixed poor grammar on single pin widget edit help text

- added owner link and time created to single pin widget modal

- fixed invalid entity icons for some entities in single pin widget modal

- better language strings for comment widget and style options

- added help text to layout selection

- enables image_slider widget by default

- floats pinboard specific widgets to the top of the list

- fixes php warning for non-arrays in item search

  • Yes,

    You're using pagehandler hijack, and you're redirecting urls that go [url]/pinboards/

    The urls for the icons use the same pagehandler, so you're redirecting those as well.

    You can redefine the url of pinboard icons and give them a unique pagehandler that won't get redirected.

  • i needed to change more than one function - i changed the save action, icon handler and also the pagehandler (which i had alread changed anyway to replace the default pinboard icon image).

  • why did you need to change the save action?

  • i think possibly that i changed one too many paths in the icon handler to my custom path-label and in some way the icons were no longer being found.. so i was seeing the default icon for most (though strangely, not all) of the pinboards.

    when i changed the path prefix in the save action to match my custom path, i was then able to view the icons (though i needed to save them again manually for each pinboard).

    i did test each change i made though, so maybe i got distracted/confused and went and made too many changes.. not sure.

  • to get the categories to display within the pinboard descrition widget i needed to change the code for that widget (though that may be due to me using hype categories in place of the standard core category plugin). the entity that was being passed to category view was not for the pinboard, but for it's child..

    so i used this at the top of the content.php file:

    $entity = $vars['entity'];
    $set = $entity->getContainerEntity();
    $vars['entity'] = $set;
    $owner = $set->getOwnerEntity();
    $categories = elgg_view('output/categories', $vars);
    $vars['entity'] = $entity;

    i also added an image block and the icon to the description widget to continue the same view style as the rest of the elgg framework.

    you can see an example here:

  • another issue here:

    pinboards/au_sets requires to go after widget_manager in the plugin list and when i do that, i lose the ability to set the 'hide style' 'hide header' modes on widgets on homepage_cms..
    i'm not clear on what the conflict is presently.. perhaps they both over-ride the widget object.

  • Default install of Elgg 1.8.18, default theme, all browsers - problems that I get

    1. Cannot drag things to left , there always seems to be empty white sidebar - please see pic below
    Also with single column display, things do not get spread out


    2. If 4 column is chosen, the 4th column always go down, left side remains empty - see pic below


    3. Choosing 'no boder, does not vanishes the border


    4.How to increase the white space between widgets - in certain themes they stick together - see pic above  - and in certain resposive themes like hypertheme, apart from the above problems even the option looks messes up - see pic below


    Have you got any demo that does things correctly, any recommended reponsive theme?
    Is this resource intensive on server side?

  • Sorry the last time I had a use for this particular plugin was almost a year ago, it was working then (as evidenced by the comments).  Likely it's simple css tweaks that need changing - with a custom or responsive theme it's almost guaranteed.  I don't have any theme recommendations as all of my work is custom, so I haven't tried any community available themes.

    As for your second question - no this plugin isn't resource intensive.

  • Thanks Matt. The only thing I badly need if you can somehow release a version that gets rid of the white space on the left as seen in the top two pictures above. It should work at least with default Elgg theme of Elgg 1.8.18

    This plugin is great!

  • @disha I believe that your issues linked with CSS. As said Matt:

    it's simple css tweaks that need changing

    If you're using WidgetManager then look at CSS in there too.

    We're create our wallz with small CSS changes and it's works OK (Elgg 1.8.18+WidgetManager).

  • an enhancement idea:
    allow custom layout templates to be created from already existing pinboards, per user..

    so that i can create a layout which has, say, a comments widget at the bottom, with no widget style/box.. and then also a description widget at the top of the page, with no style.. and then some other widgets.. then save that as a template and recall in future pinboards.

    ideally, the admin could save them for site-wide use too.

    this is a much needed feature.

  • oh, i'm not sure why i didn't notice this previously.. too busy elsewhere to notice!

    i think the best format for these pinboards is as with pinterest etc.
    where items that are added to pinboards are automatically added to the boards, without needing to be manually assigned to a widget.

    so each object type could have a default display option - per pinboard.. and the pinboards would generally become much more fluid in their operation.

    the ability to drag and drop widgets and 'fix' them into their current positions would also be a bonus.

    i know.. just another feature to add to the looong list of things to do with elgg.. ;)

  • i just saw that the single pin widget cannot handle displaying another pinboard in full view mode.

    i need to be able to only show pinboards via the condensed view mode within single pin widgets on the pinboard pages.. do you have a recommended way of doing that matt?

  • Very interesting. Currently I can pin things in the current (elgg) site. How can I pin what I see outside? E.g. a news in a newspaper site, a blog outsite elgg?

  • any thought as to when this plugin (and your others) will be available for 1.9?
    i just looked at the code repo, but the link is dead. thanks

  • Sorry, I don't have a timeline - things get done as I have time and as per my needs.  Despite my love for FOSS funded stuff takes priority as a necessity of making a living.  The majority of these plugins were all done for Athabasca University and most are not being used in any of my current projects, or those projects don't have plans for a 1.9 upgrade.

    Given I've got 60+ plugins to my name on here, plus some of the Arck ones there's really not enough time.

    I've updated the link to the repo.  Any of the AU plugins got moved to the AU-Landing-Project on github.  I've updated the url on this one, but any others you come across that are dead links that's likely the case.  Pull requests are welcome if anyone wants to jumpstart the process.

  • ok sure. i am about to start testing the ones that i am using with 1.9.4. i have no idea whether your ones are compatible as they are, or not. i'll let you know what i find.

  • ah great, thanks so much iionly :)

  • i've been bugged recently that the pinboard 'view' page doesn't show breadcrumbs on my site. i've followed the code from the start.php file through to the lib file that renders the view page and am not seeing any cause for the breadcrumbs not being displayed. i can see that the view page is coded slightly differently to the other pages, in that there is no data returned by the function that renders the page, back to the page handler function in start.php and instead the page is simply echoed to the browser.. however, the breadcrumbs functions are being called as far as i know, so i am wondering if anyone here knows what the issue is?

    do breadcrumbs render for you on the pinboard view pages?

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