AU Sets (Pinboards) v1.8

Release Notes

- new plugin setting to allow usage of additional widgets in pinboards

- enforces plugin priority with regard to au_widgets

- changed tense of search help text to 'you' instead of 'I'

- changed pinboard search method from FTS to LIKE for forward compatibility with innodb

- fixed invalid limit to results for pinned content in single pin selection modal

- fixed poor grammar on single pin widget edit help text

- added owner link and time created to single pin widget modal

- fixed invalid entity icons for some entities in single pin widget modal

- better language strings for comment widget and style options

- added help text to layout selection

- enables image_slider widget by default

- floats pinboard specific widgets to the top of the list

- fixes php warning for non-arrays in item search

  • awesome, thanks .. am testing now

  • no bugs so far :)

    i've been designing an enhancement that replaces my desire for a 'multi pin' widget and solves the desire i had to create another plugin that allows a 'journey' to be made through the content.. essentially a content 'playlist' as like a youtube playlist is for videos, but for all content types.
    i realised that you could add a 3rd view type to pinboards, as well as design and view modes, such as a 'playlist' view or similar.. where there is only one widget/page element which contains a vertical playlist (text list) of all the pinned items and also a view area for the presently viewed item, with arrows to click left-right through the items.. so a flow/story can be created.
    that would beee.. awesome! :)

  • ah i notice that the name of the catalyst's owner is missing from the pinboard desription widget.. it's reading 'by 14 days ago'.

  • I don't know what a catalyst is...

  • If you want to make pull requests with some viable code for your ideas I'll gladly take a look

  • lol.. i wrote that late, was tired.. i changed the name of pinboards to katalists on my site.. so i meant that the pinboards' owner is missing from the pinboard description widget.

  • I've tested the description widget, I can't replicate it, the owner is showing on all of my tests

  • ok, i'll come back to that on my site soon then.

  • Hi Matt,

    Does your plugin  work as alternative of default "bookmark” plugin. It means using your plugin  can I  pin full URL of any page of my website also in the pin board.

    And second query does this plugin have any dependency on "bookmark" plugin. As If I use your plugin I don’t want to use default bookmark plugin.


  • You can use it however you see fit, there's no reason you can't use it as a bookmark tool (though it's really more of a display tool).

    No, it has no dependency on the bookmarks plugin.

  • Just a heads up on a minor bug that may cause a bit of head scratching if it occurs on your site - if someone's default access permissions are set to private, they won't be able to create any widgets on pinboards, anywhere on the system, and will get an error message that 'we could not add your widget' when they try to do so, despite being able to edit ones that are already there and being able to change everything else about the pinboard.  The workaround is to warn people to change their default access settings to pretty much anything else apart from private.

    We at Athabasca U will try to fix this and a couple of other issues (we're also looking into an apparent problem that non-admin users cannot delete their own pinboards) and pass the changes back to Matt via github, though it may take some weeks or even months as we only have a couple of hours of (relatively inexperienced) developer time per week at the moment and a few other problems to deal with first :-(


  • Thank you Matt for this awesome plugin! I think it should be bundled with Elgg releases or even better replace the Page functionality.

  • i've been using pinboards again here.. i am exploring ways to pre-populate the widget_manager url and title fields for widgets with the title and url of the content of the single 'pinned' items that are available via pinboards.

    more precisely, what i am wanting is for newly created pinboard widgets to be created with their custom url and title fields already populated with the title/url of the contained item. these fields can then be edited by the user if they prefer..

    this way the widgets will always have a relevant title and url.

    i have edited the single pin widget's 'content' file so that the custom_url and custom_title fields are populated with the correct data.. what i am unsure of is how best to ensure this over-writing only occurs once, when the item is assigned to the single pin widget.. i looked through the javascript file and view files.. so far i didn't see an obvious location to begin making changes.. any tips matt?

  • It's been a while since I've looked at that section of code - but my instinct would be to instead use the 'create','object' hook and check if it's a widget being created.  If the widget satisfies some logic that you use to ensure it's a widget that needs a custom title, you can save your title/url to the widget at that point.  That way it renders immediately, and can only be set once per widget.

  • i'm not sure i can do that since the title and url come from the object that the widget contains and that is set via the edit panel after an item has been pinned to the set that contains the widget. the item would not be connected to the widget when the widget is created.

    the event needed would be along the lines of an 'edit', 'widget' hook.. though i don't have much experience of the hooking system so i'm not sure if that exists presently.

  • i'm finding some small glitches that were unmentioned here.

    • the 'un-pin' button is coded to appear on hover of a list item.. however you coded this, it is making the element difficult to style via css.. it is also inconsistent with the other buttons, so shifting it to be a standard button would be helpful.
    • i clicked 'pin' while viewing a katalist (to pin a katalist to another katalist) and then typed a search term into the search box which did not match anything.. when i deleted the search term the list did not refresh back to its full state - it remained empty.
  • Marveleous plugin.

    How to include widget manager's Twitter widget on a pinboard?

  • with this plugin, what kind of file members can upload and what is the minimum and maximum file size limit.

    and is there any option to choose file type?


  • another minor issue here:
    when i run my site through pingdom tools performance analysis system - i see that the icons for pinboards are being redirected, apparently since i am using pagehandler_hijack to rename pinboards. this is not occurring for icons for other renamed entity types though.

  • That's not an issue with this plugin, it's that the url to the icon contains the pagehandler you're rerouting.

  • hmm.. so the videolist icons have 'videolist' in the url in place of the 'videos' which i am inserting via hijack.. yet the video icons are not showing as being rerouted via the pingdom tools view and pinboards are... i don't know enough about how the hijacking and routing is designed to know why that might be. any idea?

  • Great plugin. Thanx. 
    Is it possible to disable the pin action for regular users so that only admins are able to use it ? 

  • i just returned to this redirect issue for the pinboard icons - the redirect for these icons is 1+ second of time on the pageload waterfall.. and is totally un-necessary.. 

    this is only occurring for pinboards and not for other entity type icons.

    matt: are you able to explain further what you meant when you said "it's that the url to the icon contains the pagehandler you're rerouting." ?

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