AU Sets (Pinboards) v1.7

Release Notes

Make sure to completely remove any previous versions before installing this version


  - adds in missing language string

  - fixes incorrect widget_layout permissions

  - remove public option from pinboard write access

  - adds better help text with mode-switch link

  - can no longer move/edit widgets in view mode (keeping a better contextual difference between view/edit)

  - smaller widget column headers with better help text

  - extra padding on widget columns in edit mode

  - fixes single pin widget modal positioning (used to be able to go off-screen to the left)

  - no longer overwrites the full widget view

  - added help text to single-pin widget modal when no content is pinned to a board

  - allows entities without an entity menu to be unpinned

  • just tested this..

    the issue with the logged-out viewing remains.. the 'add widgets button' and other elements are gone now.. however the actual widgets are not rendering publicly.

  • just tested, and they're working on my end.  Remember - all access rights are going to be respected - so the widget must be set to ACCESS_PUBLIC to be seen when not logged in.  The pinned content within the widgets needs to be ACCESS_PUBLIC.

  • aha.. the widgets were set to friends.. i thought they would take the access level from the item i pinned to them.. (i also thought that the default would be public rather than friends anyway)..
    so yeah, i can see the content when logged-out now.

  • "- can no longer move/edit widgets in view mode (keeping a better contextual difference between view/edit)"

    i notice that i am able to move the widgets (drag and drop) in both modes.


  • You are logged in as admin - admins can always edit anything.  Unless it talks about admins it's referring to normal user use.

  • oh ok.. i didn't realise they could be moved by non admins..
    i was hoping to use pinboards as a way of creating webpages from modules (in the form of widgets) grabbed from my site and to lay the content out in a particular way.. but if the widgets can be moved by visitors then that is not so practical.

    a way of loading multiple items into a widget would be helpful too.. e.g. a 'multi pin' widget.. i thought one was already included. did you take it out? or did i imagine seeing it?

  • They can be moved by non-admins IF you give them access.

    Read access = who can see the display

    Write access = who can edit it (INCLUDING moving widgets)

  • i see, ok.

    i just realised that pinning a pinboard to a pinboard is the 'multiboard' i was asking for..
    i just tested that and the full view of a pinboard is broken in this version for me:

    (i renamed them to katalists) :)

    i'm not seeing any of the pinned items, only a profile box with the avatar (and a broken layout).

  • Yes, full view of widgets inside widgets isn't supported.  I have to prevent the possibility of recursion

  • ah ok. so a multi-pin widget that doesn't hold pinboards (or a way to group widgets) is what i'm seeking then.

  • The recent pins widget shows recently pinned content in a condensed view.  The single pin widget is the only widget that has the option of showing content in full view.  Since I can't predict the entity types in a given system beyond those in core, I can't guarantee all content will have a full view.  The full view for pinboards I defined as the avatar and description, but I can't show the widgets because a board might be pinned to a board which is pinned to it, so showing a full view would go on forever showing the same entities inside each other.

    I'm not entirely sure what it is you're looking for :)

  • ok, so an example...

    i have been building a page in the pages plugin that brings together many entities from the website, 'tied' together using text.. so basically a big webpage with text and multimedia items inline. by using a simple page and embeded videos/images, the visitors will not have direct access to those items as they appear in the site as self contained entities (unless i add links to them manually into the page) - so visitors might go off to youtube or elsewhere and not return.. and also might miss out on other related items that i didn't choose to include in the main page.

    so i couldadd many single pin widgets to the pinboard, one for each media item and some for textual parts.. but that makes the page unnecessarily large due to the widget boundaries and spacing (at least with my theme as it is) and also doesn't offer a way of combining pinned items into groups.. e.g. 'black cat' video + 'white cat' video could be grouped into a 'cats' group/widget/item that has its own text..

    a multi pin widget would be just the same as a single pin widget, except it adds multiple items together into a list.. and ideally includes its own text decription field.

  • It will be good if we can have a follower widget also... follow a pinboard something like that making it more intractive... just a suggestion.

  • i just copied across the videos from the page i mentioned into a pinboard format.. there are 25 videos in total. i noticed toward the end of pinning them that some of the videos were incorrectly rendered: the header for some of the widgets did not match the actual youtube videos that was rendered inside the widget. when i reselected the video or refreshed the page, the correct ones were shown.. i have no idea why this is.. i mention it since it happened!

    i also now have a more troubling glitch in that some of the videos i have pinned to the pinboard are not showing up in the list in the single pin widgets, so i cannot add them to the pinboard.

    has this been tested with a large number of videos or other entities before?

    otherwise, i am warming to the pinboard idea after tweaking the css.


  • a minor enhancement for 'single pin widget':
    auto-populate the widget header text and hyperlink with the name and url of the item that is being pinned.

    i have hidden the h3 heading on that widget as i was seeing too many doubled up headers for pinned items. the 'single pin' header for the widgets is not much use either, so auto-populating in this way would make the whole process much smoother. :)

  • as an example of what i'm talking about with the hyperlinks and widget heads..
    you can see that i have made the top-left video on this page into a hyperlink that points to the original source of the video:

  • another issue:
    when i run google pagespeed insights analysis tool on my homepage, i am notified that there is a 'redirect chain' occurring for one of the pinboard avatar images (the yoga one i linked previously).

    i have no idea why google flagged this. 

  • just noticed that we can pin users to pinboards presently.. not sure if that is intentional or not..

    maybe ultimately an admin option to choose which entity types can be pinned would be of use.

  • It's pseudo-intentional.  The idea is for pinboards to be as flexible as possible, there could be use cases for wanting to pin users to a board.

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