AU Sets (Pinboards) v1.4

Release Notes

Additional fixes for the sets -> pinboard transition (thanks to RvR)

Back compatibility fixes for sets created before the change

  • Matt - love pinboards... really great plugin and very useful. Just looking over the setup and layout. Can't find the option to hide widget style... is that through a theme or is it an option in widget setup?

  • Matt -  Just added tabtext widget and xgadget widget plugins to a test site with pinboard. However, they do not show up in the list of available widgets when adding widgets to pinboards?

  • Matt - Weigets not showing up was simply plugin order (slaps himself upside the head...). Looking at the code I see that you extend the edit panel for widgets based on context. You are checking for "sets" context, however the pinboard page sets "pinboards" as its context. I think you need a change in one place or another - unless I am missing something.

  • Matt - Sorry, the context check is in style_visibility.php (mod/au_sets/views/default/au_sets/widgets/style_visibility.php), not start.php. 

  • You're absolutely correct Jimmy, thank you.

    It should be checking for 'pinboards' context there.  I'll fix this tomorrow.

  • @Matt Beckett I found some issue.

    If Au sets is activated then Embed inserting works not correctly: forward to file/owner/$username and content don't insert in any longtext area.

    E. g. I try Create new group and want insert pic in description's field.

    Image don't insert and forward to /file/owner page.


    If AU Sets is deactivated then all works very well


  • Sounds like a javascript issue - getting any js errors?


  • Found these error: TypeError parent.attr(..) is undefined in string:


    elgg.au_sets.widget_save = function() {
      $('.elgg-form').live('submit', function() {
        var parent = $(this).parent();
        var guid = parent.attr('id').substr(12);
        var hide = true;
        var split ='?', '').split('&').map(function(val){
          return val.split('=');

    File: au_sets\views\default\au_sets\js.php


    Actually for all items with output/longtext.

    Don't work just the uploading file via embed content.

    Simple inserting file works

  • Thanks RvR, need to use a more specific jquery selector - I'm on it

  • Great concept! On the elgg website I'm working on users have to use the groups plugin to bring all sorts of content around the same topic together. But this isn't very intuitive and it's a bit limiting. This plugin would fix that, I think.

    I was wondering whether someone (myself? :D) would like to work on code that would allow admins to basically convert specific groups into pinboards?

  • This plugin isn't under 'active' development at the moment as I am no longer working for the University, but pull requests are welcome - a groups conversion script could definitely be useful.  The repository is on github if you want to contribute.

    Also, make sure you get the latest version from the community here.

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