AU Sets (Pinboards) v1.3

Release Notes

Fixes issue with context change breaking auto-link generation

- sorry about that... the whole project deletion thing threw me off :)

  • First, I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who uses Elgg.

    Second, I found two very small bugs: 1) Click edit on any one set that you administer and within the Edit page I've noticed that the edit page tabs lead to pages that don't exist. These tabs are directly under "Edit Pinboard" (they're titled "Edit" and "List"). When you click them, the url changes from /pinboards/edit/170 to sets/edit/170. Looks like an easy fix;

    2) This is a more unique issue... When I have ColdTrick's popular "Friend request 3.2" plugin installed alongside your plugin, I'm seeing a "Friends Requests" tab on every sidebar where sets are located/displayed, even group set pages. Is there an easy way to eliminate that buggy-looking tab from all set sidebars? Also, this didn't occur in your version 1.1.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  • Thanks brian, yeah there were a lot of points where sets -> pinboards needed to change and I still missed a few.  RvR just sent me a pull request with some of them fixed.

    I don't use friend request in my project so I don't know what's causing that offhand - do you mind investigating?

  • Hi Matt, I really need your help, I activated this plugin to have a look, then deactivated it. Since I deactivated it my site wont allow anyone to do anything, I cant activate or deactivate plugins either, all I can do is look at whats already on the site and log in, if I try to do anything else i get the form is missing _token or _ts fields. I have no idea where to begin, The site was working until I did this Im running 1.8.8

  • There's no reason disabling any plugin should be able to break your site like that.  I've enabled/disabled this dozens of times with no ill effect.  Look for additional conflicts between other enabled plugins.  Look for javascript errors, and finally, check your database and roll back to a backup if necessary.

  • Im not sure what happened, I restored the database to a backup from the day before, then a few hours later the site was back to normal. Iv never seen anything like it before either, very strange!

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