dragon lee's siteoffline w/ no framework v2

  • I cleaned up the code, redid the wording in the docs and fixed the logo and message display that did not work.

    As well i added a configurable background color for the page.



  • do you wanna have that posted here as a (rare;) joint Devs effort
    in the elgg fight against intellectual poverty (efaip?!) ;oO

    y'all knows that apart from the laffs we get outta kicking slop.. 
    the subliminal target is to really clean up the elgg-in-your-face
    ~ too much junk code posted here masquerading as equal in quality
    to that which the real of us Devs publish.

    i just learned php yesterday;
    i am newbie to elgg..but here's my 'contribution' !
    i copied so-and-so`s brett, vash, evan (real examples!)
    plugin code, changed 5 lines of code and now my
    name sings embedded for posterity as (elgg) 'Software Developer'


  • ALL Y'ALL:

    Please goto
    ->    http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1175891/1.8.0/site-offline
    for the newest replacement for this site offline rock`a`shake ;-X

  • however you want to do it, i can delete mine or w/e

    you know i am just about the better code getting out there

  • DhrupDeScoop SUPER, I am so happy u started sharing plugin and I LIKE them because they are WITHOUT FRAMEWORK :)

    I don't know why people have frameworks even though I am sure they can create plugins without framworks... They clame their framworks do not harm site but this is what they say as my personal experince I tried many many times on fresh websites framework start messing wth other plugins in future. So I prefer plugins without framwork :)

  • the only frameworks that screw stuff up are shitty frameworks......hype and phloor both outstanding, minor problems here and there but not like some others.......but anything the Scoopers make i would/will def download and recommend

  • Wow I am glad to see costakisc you are agree with me. I thought maybe I could be wrong or only I have problems with framworks but by reading costakisc your comments now I am 100% sure other frameworks cause troubles.

  • without a doubt frameworks cause problems when the devs try to rewrite or write their own version of php, html, etc.......there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  The only reason i like/defend hype is because his framework and plugins are set up as a bundle.  

    If you dont need more than one or two of his, you could find the plugins with no framework elsewhere, but i use 6 on elgg 1.8.12 with no problems.

    But i like the way the DeScoops is cleaning up elgg of unnecessary code!


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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