Elgg Captcha v1.8.x

  • Recomendo a todos ,que tenham problemas com Span.Para mim resolveu.

    I recommend to all who have problems with me Spam.

    Recomiendo a todos los que tienen problemas con Spam,en mi sitio trabajado 


  • @ Farobook, that is why we are here to share the uniqueness of human talents by sharing what others might deem private or proprietary to the community... Have fun with it and looking forward to be of great service to the Elgg citizens!

  • @ mariano , thanks. Hope it will be of great help for you and your users. Elgg captcha can be a useful tool to fight spam. Even though it is not only tool to fight spam, you can always use it with other tools available on Elgg community. Have fun with it and feel free to give feedback if you have any question or concern.

  • Tom thanks for another amazing plugin, but I have a strange request. Please how I can add that forgot password monkey image on the forgot password page?

    I only want to show that monkey image on my forgot password how I can do that :)

    Many thanks in advance.


  • @ kisssssss4ever, If you want to show the Monkey image on your Forgot password page, you can put the image in the  mod/gutwacaptcha/views/default/images/your_file_name   and then do     elgg_view ('images/your_file_name'); in the forgot password page.

    let me know how it goes...


  • "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."

    - Martin Golding

  • Now Elgg owners and users can walk boldly with a lightning speed into a new Elgg Captcha era. From Elgg Captcha team we wish all members Happy Spring break. Be safe and enjoy your youth while it is still smiling at you... and don't make bad choices because your brain will hold you accountable.

  • Er, When installing an unaltered version of the plugin i ge Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home/tricky/public_html/elgg/mod/gutwacaptcha/views/default/gutwacaptcha/register.php on line 1 t




  • @ Caiterz, I just downloaded this version and installed it on Elgg 1.8.14 version and there was no Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in mod/gutwacaptcha/views/default/gutwacaptcha/register.php on line 1

    Have you changed anything in the main core Elgg actions register.php , and What version of Elgg are you using ?  Did you install Elgg to your root directory or in a subdirectory?



  • @ Caiterz, To correct the error messages you have mentioned, you can download a new release of elgg captcha from this link http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1172111/1.8.y/elgg-captcha

    let me know how it works for you..

    Good luck

  • Hi Tom, I hope you're still doing great things for elgg.

    I've installed the captcha on my local WAMP windows box and a hosted Nix computer and everything works except the sound. I've read the readme on the captcha site but I can't see why the sound doesn't work. Is there an on/off setting I'm missing, or do you know why the sound may not be working? I haven't altered the code in any way. Elgg 1.8.18

  • I am having the same issue JohnK  No sound, but looks great!

  • Looks like we've missed the boat Ironutz.


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