Elgg Captcha v1.8.14

Release Notes

Fixed captcha validation error thanks to  it4nz

  • Elgg Captcha 1.8.14 for Elgg 1.8 has been released. Elgg Captcha 1.8.14 uses PHP class for creating captcha images and audio with many options. Have fun with it...

  • I get this error when installing this into my Elgg and trying to go register as a new user

    "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/danyael/public_html/hometown-directories.com/mod/gutwacaptcha/views/default/gutwacaptcha/register.php on line 1"

  • @  Hometown Directories I have not tested this with the elgg-walledgarden Theme. However, I don't think that with this code alone --   <?php on line 1  on   that a T_variable error  which means that "a semicolon has been omitted" could occur.

    Another problem that normally tend to cause the "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE" is directory path.

    The only possible error that could cause this problem is that if you are using (an odd server) whereby the global variable from - ini settings may be messing up with the script <?php on /mod/gutwacaptcha/views/default/gutwacaptcha/register.php on line 1.
    So basically I just couldn't reproduce the error and Elgg Captcha was working just fine for me on Testing site and production site.
    I tried to reproduce the error but could not. The Elgg Captcha can work with any Captcha out there without any interference. I checked the Captcha on your site and the Captcha-input-image is not showing up on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

    Try and deactivate the Elgg-Walledgarden Theme and use the default Elgg theme, deactivate your Captcha and then clear the caches from the Elgg admin dashboard and then activate Elgg Captcha and see if you are running into the same error. Let me know how it goes.  Meanwhile, I will continue to work on this issue.

  • @ David Ellis , Thanks for your suggestion. The Next Elgg_Captcha version is on the way and I will include more features  for the site users... I will release it soon to the Elgg community for download.

    It is nice to hear how Elgg_Captcha is working for you...

  • The new release for Elgg_Captcha is ready but cannot upload it on Elgg site.  The new Elgg_Captcha release has several options for the admin and Elgg users for example it can detect the selected languages available on Elgg site and then plays the audio language automatically to the Elgg user and many more features...

    I tried to upload it and I am getting this error message: The size of File(s) uploaded exceeded the limits set by your site Administrator!

    Perhaps the above error is due to several languages audio files e.g German, English, French, and more which are with the Elgg_Captcha Plugin !

    In short, the Elgg_captcha is ready for download but I cannot upload it for members to download...

  • There is a size limit for plugins but I don't know what size is defined. You might want to contact Cash or Brett and ask about it.

  • @ iionly, Thanks for your concern... I thought about splitting or cutting the Plugin with the hatchet or “das Beil” or machete into half or two separate folders for easy download but decided to hold my hand in the middle of the air! I mean, it came close... I did not want to send Elgg users to other download locations for some files and then put some Plugin codes on Elgg too. In addition, for the newbies, it is confusing for the Elgg newbie’s going from one site to another just to get some codes to update a single Plugin.

    I will contact Brett and see what options are available that we can work with...

  • @ iionly, I have contacted both Cash and Brett and I have not gotten any reply...

  • @Tom  Where is the latest version? when I clicked it says wrong url.

  • also I am getting this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in             mod/gutwacaptcha/views/default/gutwacaptcha/register.php on line 1


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