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Release Notes

added: compatibility for elgg 2.1

changed: admin JS is now an AMD module

  • @tunist I have had used this plugin and the plugin works well with the exception to the fact that this plugin changes Page and Bookmark Menu Text to lower case. I have been trying to isolate this problem for a while, but couldn't find the plug that made the changes. Today, I disabled all non core plugs and enabled one by one. When it came to this plug and I enabled it., the Page and Bookmark Text Menu immediately got lower cased. I double checked and it is this plugin. 

    Can you look into this to fact that why the plug would change Page and Bookmark Text Menu from its original case to "page" and "bookmark"? It look kind of odd. I would appreciate you looking into this. Thanks - shad / 

  • Hi, this is because my own site doesn't use capitalisation for these words and I missed that I had left the non capitalised version in the language file for this plugin.

    You can easily correct this by manually editing the en.php file in the languages folder - or by installing the language manager plugin from the community here and correcting it via that (which means the change will be saved in your database). I use the language manager plugin and it works great.

  • Well, just looked into the language file, and corrected the case. Both the Page and Bookmark was in lowercase (page, bookmark). Its solved. Sorry for the post and bugging you with small issue.

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