related items v0.7.7

Release Notes

fixed: related item subtype lable pluralisation

fixed: admin option for subtype selection was being ignored

fixed: set css size of thumbnail images

  • @Ura, pluralisations is indeed fixed. I have still trouble with thumbnails, which sometimes are shown above the text and not besides.

  • i looked through your site and didn't see any thumbnails that i could examine to find out what needs to change for you.. so there is not much i can do presently.

    the thumbnails are presented correctly on my site - with or without my theme activated

  • @gerard: i've just changed the way the icons are rendered, so that now there is no img element in the html - the icons are rendered into the background of the div that previously contained the img element. 

    however, that would only effect the glitch with your site if you had css styling applied to all img elements.

  • I had not activated it on the production site, just on a test site. I did it now so you can see. This item has for instance a thumbnail popping out on top.

  • @Ura, if I set the option "Use jquery to set all boxes the same height?:" to NO, the problem does not seem to happen. If you want I can put it on again, so you could maybe see what is wrong.

  • i am looking at the linked page.. i see that the jquery option is off..
    yet i am still seeing one of the related items has it's icon in the wrong place (too high)..
    so i think the jquery is not the cause..
    i haven't found the cause yet.. you can enable jquery if you prefer.

  • the one image that i am seeing where the image is in the wrong place, has a title that contains a longer word than the others (the word is long enough to exceed the space available):
    Mensenhersenen voor het eerst via het internet gekoppeld

    so probably that is the cause.. there needs to be some css to break that word onto multiple lines.

  • Ura, great and fast. Works perfect for me!

  • Gerard, Try to use maximum three columns and not have problems with pictures and long titles.

  • @wogker, yes using 3 columms works for content with long titles (and jquery).

    @Ura, you are right. It is the first word that is too long.  "word-wrap: break-word" should be able to fix this.


  • Hi Ura. I tried for a few days your plugin and it works great but I just do not understand the management options and how I can optimize the suggestions from there. Can you explain in detail how the two lists of selectable options work? I think it's a very interesting plugin for Elgg. Thanks!

  • the top list allows you to choose which types of objects will be suggested and the bottom list allows you to choose which types of object the box of related items will be added to..

    so if you choose blogs in the top list then blogs will be suggested as related items..
    if you choose file in the bottom list then the 'related items' box/list will be added to the pages that show the files in elgg.

    if the top list is set only to 'blogs' and the bottom is set only to 'files' then the plugin would only show blogs that are related to any file that you view in elgg.. other subtypes, such as videos or events, would not have any related_items box added to their view/page.

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