related items v0.7.3

Release Notes


changed: centered related items in their listchanged: padding of list items now fits better with percentages used for box widths

  • works great! you should also release a sister plugin called "random items" where it'll show random posts than just related. just a thought! lol

  • due to random not truly existing and never having been proved and more recently having been shown to have been manipulated in operating systems by alphabet agencies, i would not include that feature since i would not wish to mis-lead. ;)
    at some point i will evolve the ui to support more options that will allow site users to change which items are shown.

  • ah i see. is there anyway for this plugin to keep related blog items for blogs and related discussion post for discussions?

  • yes, you can enable the setting:

    "show only related items with the same subtype as the current item?"

  • oh duh, how did i overlooked that lol

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  • Updated: 2016-8-9
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