related items v0.7.1

Release Notes


changed: optimised algorithm by moving php code to sql

removed: limit on amount of tags to search for (not needed now code is more efficient)

  • i just noticed that the breadcrumb is broken in some cases.. such as tidypics images. i'll fix that soon.

  • Would it be possible to add some kind of lable to the view that shows the type of related item, e.g. if it is a file, or a discussion etc.?

  • i have avoided adding any labels that rely on accessing the base name of entity subtypes so far as i have not yet found a simple way of accurately grabbing the right label for any/all plugins that might be used in elgg.. when i find the right way of doing that i will add some labels, yes.

  • Ura sais:  "i am interested to know how the code performs on larger sites. thanks"

    My site has more than 6K registers users. On September I will send the next email bulletin to half million readers, will be a hard test for the site and his plugins. :)

    Your "related-items 0.7.1" is working in my site without problems. Another great idea, congratulations!


  • aha ok, that's helpful to know, thanks.

    i am wondering why you are sending half a million mails if you only have 6000 members..? are the 594,000 email addresses from visitors that began the sign-up process and did not complete it? or maybe guests?

  • My old community had more than 500.000 users, an old phpnuke. ;-) Now, I had start a new project from "cero" with Elgg, without old register users, the new but all my users are in, it's a service under subscription. That's all!

  • ah, i see.. ok - thanks for clarifying. ;)

  • You are doing very wel Ura. I can now use it without unwanted restrictions and it still performs well. We have about 90.000 pages and 15.000 users.

  • elggcellent :)

    there are many possibilities to improve the features of this plugin, such as integrating dictionary and thesaurus lookups to improve the accuracy of matches and what basically amounts to algorithmic data mining that serves the site's users - e.g. 'suggested items'.. and even the creation of 3d visual maps of entities.. ;)
    none of that is really so tough since the code already exists in one form or another.

    now the base code is as it needs to be i will get more creative.

  • issues with this version (to be fixed in next version):

    • related items page area is rendered even when no related items are found
    • breadcrumb trail does not show correctly in all cases
    • blog_tools icons are not supported
  • Hi Ura,

    I got a lot of errors in log stating "Argument 2 passed to get_related_entities() must be an instance of int" on line 14. Any ideas ?

  • ah yes.. i will upload a fix shortly.

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