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provides links to elgg entities that are related to the currently viewed entity - based on similarity of text tags.

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2.22.1 (13.78 kB)2016-Jun-20
2.12.1 (13.78 kB)2016-Jun-20
2.02.0 (13.75 kB)2016-Mar-12
1.121.0 (12.48 kB)2015-Nov-01
1.111.0 (12.48 kB)2015-Nov-01
1.101.0 (12.48 kB)2015-Nov-01
1.91.0 (12.48 kB)2015-Nov-01
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presents links to elgg objects/items (blogs/links/pages/photos etc.) that are related to the presently viewed item according to the item's tags. items are selected by similarity: the more tags that match, the more chance that the item will be selected.

features of the latest version:

  • shows items that are related, by tag matching, to the currently viewed item; configurable via admin panel (optionally: includes a more items mode to replace the default related items mode, so items are shown that are not related by tag).
  • shows any number of items, with between 1 and 4 columns; chosen in admin panel.
  • items are chosen by calculating similarity of tags. items with tags that match (are the same as) the tags for the present entity have higher similarity than items with no tags that match. the most similar items are given higher priority in the list of related items.
  • each type of entity now has its own css class to allow customisations (see screenshot). n.b. images/icons in screenshot are not included in this plugin.
  • tags that match are shown for each related item.
  • shows image thumbnails for related images, videos and files.
  • a date period can be chosen to limit the number of items that are searched (useful if you have a large site and not enough server power).
  • subtypes can be chosen to allow admin to select which items are returned as related items.. and also which subtypes will have the related-items panel added to them.
  • subtypes are searched automagically, so all appropriate subtypes should be supported.. let me know if some are missing for you - due to the broken labelling format in elgg, i have needed to manually code a solution for accessing and providing the singular form of the name of each subtype - you may need to edit the language file for this plugin so that the subtype names match the ones on your site if you have changed them from the default... e.g. if you have changed 'bookmarks' to 'web links'.
  • all related items for any specific item can be viewed as a paginated list.


  • add: find related items by category as well as by tag
  • add: thesaurus api lookup option using
  • add: option to show only related items within a group if viewing a group
  • add: filters to allow user to choose which related items they view
  • add: button to 'add a related item' with the same tags, categories, owner and subtype as the present item.

this plugin was created as part of the infiniteeureka community site. to support this plugin you can donate via the donations link or via the donate buttons @

ura soul

co-creator of reality - admin of an online social network for healing, balancing & evolving.. plus maker of some free plugins for elgg


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-8-9
  • Downloads: 5822
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