hypeComments v1.2

Release Notes

fix: Button Delete

fix: Button Like "refresh div" 

  • I have been using the hypealive comments and really like the improvement you have made to it. It makes it a lot more useful. The issue that I have is on the the options that makes comments able to be used on discussions, it removes the reply option as well as anything that anyone has posted. Is there a way to make it so that these options still exisit along with a comment box?

  • i wish i could download and try this, but i use an upgraded version of hypealive.  exactly what are the improvements?

  • Cool upgrade for this plugin! Am trying to use along with the hypewall 1.8.6 but its dependencies require hypealive 1.8.6 and this is 1.8.5. I really want to use this plugin in place of the original hypealive 1.8.6 if you can update it.


  • @dave, you can fix it simply by changing the manifest hypewall.  but no guarantee of the results

  • <requires>

    just change the version to 1.8.5...in the hypeWall manifest.......


  • Geeezzz! @Costakisc can't imagine what elgg would look like without you guys! Thanks man, i just updated the manifest for the hypecomments v1-2 from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6 and now working perfectly with hypewall 1.8.6.

  • dont thank me, the creators of the plugins deserve all the credit, im sure donations are accepted by them also.  i just figure out how to make stuff work the way i want, but couldnt code this stuff if my life depended on it.

  • Yea i understand that quite well, but still a thanks doesn't mean you getting all the tribute,its just a brief appreciation for the quick assistance plus i believe karma would always be there, so don't worry about a donation to those who have put in their best to this community. Nothing is really for free and that makes them worth more than just a donation! You never know what your Lucky Day Is lol.

  • How can i disable the same owner menu on profile page from the activity page?..i think it came with hypealive. Am already using a theme with owner menu on the activity page.

  • Hello.. Great Plugin... Everything is working besides Ajax River wall on facebook theme.. Is there any way to make it work on facebook theme??


  • @Mitsos I have no idea but I can find out ;)

  • i am so desperate for the line break system in elgg. I like this plugin but in comments there is no line break system :(

    Same in river/ wire post no line break... everything goes all together no one can make paragraph :(

    Hope someone would try to find a way for that and share here :)

  • I like this plugin tested on two sites and they are hosting on different hosting companies. And both sites are giving me the same problems. In different different pages getting this kind of error as showing in the screenshot.


    Is THERE any way to fix that or someone else is also getting the same problems?

    Please hlpe me to fix that is so annoying after 2 or 3 minutes I get this kind of page.

    If there is no fixture for this then sadly I have to remove this plugin and hypeframwork :( :( :(

  • what version of hypeframework are you using?


  • @ kisssssss4ever , What you are seeing is that the function.include function.includeFailed to open from HypeFramework Library file  '/home/mod/hypeFramework/lib/framework/base.php

    When someone clicks anywhere on your website, your site try to load all CSS, Javascripts and plugin Library files which has functions for most plugins. At the same time, the framework tries to load its libraries and starts loading annotations or comments, likes, you like this -- and many more elgg metadata’s from the database :)  At the same time, the Elgg engine is busy loading it own libraries and CSS and the contents of the page requested...  Suddenly, because the HypeFramework gets busy and gives up loading more comments from the database, it triggers the main  Elgg CSS from being loaded. Then result is A Mess everywhere on the screen... 

    To make it simple, it is like 100 airplanes or flights trying to take off through one run way at the same time... You know what will happen next if 100 flights trying to take off from he Airport at the same time! It is bad news... accidents and more damages for the airline industry...

    1. This means that, your site Could not load the "hj:framework:base library" from mod/hypeFramework/lib/framework/base.php
    2.  which is triggered with mod/hypeFramework/start.php  found in line (20): elgg_load_library()

    Suggestions: Maybe you have a plugin or another FrameWork plugin that is trying to take off "Load" at the same time as hypeFramework plugin....

    Or-- The plugin developer should fix HypeFramework so that it can work smoothly with other plugins which are heavily built around libraries...




  • @kisssssss4ever , i PM you check it

  • @kisssssss4ever   Suggestions: Maybe you have a plugin or another FrameWork plugin that is trying to take off "Load" at the same time as hypeFramework plugin....

  • @mariano im trying to make this work with the keetup plugin "share on activity" can you help?
    i am having problems with ajax while posting comments (it keeps loading till i refresh the page)


  • Anyone having this problem? 

    Everytime i enable this plugin my website crashes and gives me this fatal error please help!

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ElggObject::findOriginalContainer() in /home/cyrilsab/public_html/elgg/mod/hypeFramework/lib/framework/hooks.php on line 120

  • do you have the hypeframework installed?


  • Yes hypeframework 1.8.5 is installed I dont know what's the problem! I used to work with the 1.8.6 release from github and everything was working

  • it sounds as if framework is still 1.8.6 or a hypeplugin of some sort is still 1.8.6.  Havent looked at the framework in awhile, but if i remember correctly that was one of the big changes from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6 was a lot of changes in elgg objects.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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