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This is a BETA release, due to my testing on my free shared hosting server, the activity view crashes due to too many requests. Works fine for VPS but if you have a shared hosting then please use at your own risk. There's no reason for it to crash your entire site but if it does crash your activity page then it's probably your hosting provider setting a max connections limit. Like all releases, please try it out and share your experiences on it. BTW this plugin doesn't work on localhost because it'll grab your local IP ( and then just spits out NULL values.

Back up your elgg first before trying out this plugin, though it should work great out of the box.

Thanks to Dhrup for pointing me in the right direction and thouseef19 for letting me use his elgg to test out this plugin all the way in India!

  • I am using elgg 1.8 with default theme fully fresh website no other plugins yet but this plugin still does not work for me. I put this plugin under the wire plugin but still can not even activate.


    This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated. Check dependencies under more info.

    Requires Elgg version >= 2012120500 2012071100 error
    Provides Plugin: geoplugin 1.8 -- ok

    Any help?

    As I would love to have this amazing plugin..

  • your version of elgg does not met the requirement.  either upgrade to a newer version of elgg, or you can try changing the requirement in the plugins manifest file, maybe work maybe not

  • you can change the elgg version in the xml file, it shouldn't cause a problem. on the next release, i'll remove the elgg version requirement. it should be coming out soon! this time it doens't interfere with any views so all the plugins you're using plus a theme, should work without a problem (hopefully)

  • the only requirement is to be running 1.8 so there's no fancy "framework" you need to install (no pun intended for other developers) lol

  • Thanks for the reply, but still not working gives the same error even thought I have edited the manifest.xml file changed the version number 1.8.8 and 1.7 and etc but no luck same error can not activate.

    Even though I am not using OLD elgg version, I am using 1.8 so should work as 90% people are still using 1.8 as that is the good one and the very latest one just recently come out. Try to fix that please :)

  • have you tried putting your elgg version on there? if that still doesn't work then do this





    remove the values inside the version tags

  • Thanks a lot Cim, I can activate now :)

    But does not work, do I need to install __MACOSX folder as well? Because I can see inside the main geoplugin folder there is one folder called __MACOSX.


    Awaiting for yours, 

    Thanks in advance

  • oh no you don't need to install that lol. i'm developing the plugin in my macbook so it shows that folder when i zip things up. you can delete it because it's just "garbage data" that's included everytime i zip

  • adc

    ah.. it kinda works, but not for admins. the other issue is that this service gets the location information from your ip address. therefore it does not give the users true location.


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