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Release Notes

- this is previous Logout Redirector for Elgg 1.8

  • We had 237 upload in our previous Logout redirector for Elgg 1.8. We were trying to edit something and ended up deleting the previous plugin. So, we had to upload another one just for the community to continue free downloading.  

    A new version is on the way in a couple of days. We will keep you updated on the date of the release of the new version.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Thanks to all Elgg members.


  • Hi Tom, if you remember you told me in your next version you would not add your own advrts.

    I have the prvious version u shared here and there is no any way to remove the default advrts, even can not find them in the codes.

    Please try to give an option so people can use their own advrts in the images...

    All over this plugin is great, works really faster but the only thing I missing we can not add our own images in advrts :(

  • Seriously? Tom is making plugins like this as a way to generate extra traffic for himself by adding advertisements to the plugin and no way to remove them? lol... If that is the case really doubt alot of people are going to use this. Idea is good, yes, but not if you can't adjust the banners.

  • that is not the way to go twiza.......its free source if you want to make a bucks.......just improve it and commercialize it.

  • Tom I have an idea once this one is complete w/ the next version, make another just like it once its done and modify it alittle and call it: Elgg Community Logout and anyone from elgg.org who has a 250x250 banner ad w/ link can get in on the ad rotation by submitting their ad/link to you, that way its like a ring of elgg adverts on the page as well in the logout. That way other people can find different elgg sites from this plugin on their own elgg site. Of course make it so you can add other banners to the logout also, but a static rotation of elgg sites would be a interesting idea, or way for everyone to get traffic from different elgg sites that use this plugin who have submitted a 250x250 banner/link to be included in the community elgg logout banner box area.

  • whats wrong with a programmer trying to recover some of the costs for creating a plugin?  do you think his time is free?  if you dont like it dont use it, pretty simple.  dont bitch about free stuff.

  • I see your point costakisc, and I have no problems with that, but I just pointing out not alot are going to use it if there is no way to remove certain advertisements from it.


  • oh there is a way, its coding, there is always a way.  and just as a quick glance at the code, it doesnt seem that hard.  i dont use this plugin, so i doesnt concern me much, but all you have to do is follow the trail in the code and you can see where the ads are generated from

  • I think a custom logout page is a very good idea, advertisements are cool and everything to help generate some cash but would even be better to have a rotation logout, so you have several different ones available instead of the same one all the time, so you dont have to keep manually updating it, just keep adding new fresh logout pages into the mix.

  • to keep from commenting on this plugin, i sent a link to you in a pm kimberly.  think it might be along the lines of what you are talking about

  • My focus will be to generate value for the users and not cash for myself. If you generate value, you will never be out of cash. We're doing this cuz it's fun and not to make money. There are tons of ways to make money without generating any actual value for the users (that's what marketing is about) but that would defeat the very purpose of this open source invaluable project.

    Personally, I stay away from ANY site that screams "I want your money"  so easy with the commercials people.

    OK, I'll shut up now. 

  • i dont care about value or cash, i am not even creating a website that is every going to go live, i just like playing with elgg and meeting/helping people.  It just irates me when i see people bitch about "open-source/freeware"  they assume because it says free, that it doesnt cost anything to create, and that is not the meaning.

  • Chill guys, looks like I started the fire and now everyone blowing it :)

    There are lots of elgg plugin all are free and if Tom you want to some cash then try to put donate button instead of showing your own ads. 

    This is GREAT plugin but I am sure only 2% people would use if Tom would show his own ads.

    If everyone would start doing this with each plugin then looks like our elgg site would be a more advertisements site and doing for others.

    Its not about free or paid... elgg is open source try to keep it open not to close like other paid social networking softwares. 

  • @costakiss.....I dont think its proper to use such language.We are making a fuss outa nothing

  • cost...your opinion on what you use elgg for does not matter, we all have defferent reasons why we use elgg

  • buule, i have no problem with what you or anybody else does with elgg and language, lol........i am just stating that you are getting a FREE plugin and it up to the creator to do what he wants with it.  If you dont like the way he made it you can change it because it open source.  Crying about someone putting an ad banner on his plugin that you are getting for FREE is just silly.

  • From the TOS of this plugin repository:

    Plugins that contain unsolicited advertisements either in the bundled download or any part of the plugin's description will be deleted and the owner user will be banned.

    I have seen other plugins removed and authors banned for hard-coding their own codes for adsense and other ad/revenue services.  I imagine this falls under the same category.
    I would suggest either removing the ads altogether, or using plugin settings so that the end user can supply their own ad codes for their own sites.

  • Thanks for your response and advice to all that have commented and given suggestions, questions and concerns. We will put most of your requests in the next release. Note: The intention of this plugin is not meant for driving traffic or generating revenues for the Elgg logout plugin developers.


    @ Matt Beckett , thank you for your concern.

    All banners on this plugin are not meant for AdSense or commercial ads for revenue services. If fact the banners are just for demonstration purposes. It was hard to explain what the plugin does without having some pictures. I will be happy to change the pictures to something else like, flowers, animals or any picture that cannot be construed to be an ad. The main purpose for creating Elgg Plugin was not for unsolicited advertisements purposes nor was it for commercial proposes. If it was so, I would have said so. I will be glad to delete if there is any banner which is showing ads or not meeting the elgg standards it.


    The next release will have a lot of features which will help the end user with more options.


    Most of us got elgg for free and we are giving back to the community.


    Matt Beckett , Let me know the banners or pictures which I should delete and I will delete them.

  • @ Matt Beckett, I just edited the plugin description on Elgg site. If there is any change to be made to the description let me know. We love Elgg and we want to be part of its growth.


    We are here to help others and learn from others. "I am nobody, trying to help somebody, who will eventually help everybody," Tom.





  • @ DhrupDeScoop , thanks for your comment -- the Elgg admin can customize the plugin to suit their needs. This one was just a simple demonstration of how to redirect the users to a page after logout action. The next version will have more options for the admin.

  • @ DhrupDeScoop , I am in the basement eating popcorn with the left hand and customizing with the right hand. Sometimes in life we need more than two hands :-)  ...Twizanex hands

  • Yes, I saw it.

    @Tom - any progress on removing hard coded phone-home ads from this plugin?  Just stating that it's for 'demo' purposes doesn't really change the fact that people can't use this to put in their own ads, they get yours or nothing.  I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this plugin is, if anything other than an ad-grab as there's not really an issue of 'slow logout' in Elgg...

  • @ DhrupDeScoop  Thanks for your response, Cim was showcasing his site on elgg  http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1170456/elgg-blog-introducing-the-elgg-showcase


    Here is what Cim wrote,

    "I'd like to showcase my elgg site based off of the new myspace layout. The layout has been coded by hand by me without copying any code from the original, demy.com.   " $('Cim')2 days ago


    Then, Evan response:

    • "@cim  What's it about? We need a purpose/mission/blurb."Evan Winslow2 days ago

    So, out of curiosity, I created signed in and just wrote two or three lines on Cim's blog. Even before I could respond on what I experienced as a user I got a message that i wrote on his site... I was going to send Cim a message and share with him the problems I was running into when I was using his beta site.

    If I am not wrong, I think we are here as a community to help one another. If I sign into Elgg site members and see any issue, i will kindly inform the owner if i know them of any issue as a user I experienced.

    So, Mr. Cim could have sent me a message on elgg account If he had any issue-- "in fact Facebook charges 1 dollar for sending a stranger a message but elgg does not!". We are here to respect one another but not to tear one another down! If we tear each other down, soon there will be none to tear down.

  • @ Matt Beckett, Thanks for your response, as it is now with this elgg logout 1.8.x, the user can add their own ads on from admin section. But they have to deactivate the plugin Htmlawed and then activate it again. However, this will mean that the site owner has to run the ads with defined length and width. If the owner is running ads from google or other site, they will run into inconsistencies and that will not give a good feeling to the user... The next version will give the Site owners and  Site Users more options and power. I had uploaded a screen shot on Elgg and realized It had more information than what was required for this plugin and for that reason, I have deleted that screen shot which had "phone-home ads from this plugin."


  • tom:  why do you lie so much ? and then act so innocent ?


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