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and also if you use hypewall i can give you the code to make it work

  • Wow costakisc I am so happy, you have started real amazing job for elgg these days :)

    I can not wait for the latest version of this plugin. Look forward to it .

    by the way thanks to DhrupDeScoop as well :D


  • ;-P all i did was send Costa a few anim smileys i had lying around ;-X
    when he's finished.. i gonna steal back his this smileys thang
    for my kids' fbfk site - coz they gonna have a laugh
    wanna say 'thx' k4e? go tell that xsurf smurf analytic jock
    to shaddup his face on that news plugin postings !;oO;X;P

  • I sent him a animated one also, so costakisc how is the next release coming along?

  • sorry, have been very distracted lately, the kids have basketball, baseball and wrestling going at the same time, wife has me remodeling 4 rooms in the house and got distracted helping RJ with the News plugin.  will get to work on the update this weekend.

  • its in the works, but other priorities as mentioned above


  • Hello! this plugin works there on elgg 1.8.15? I'd like to try it

  • i dont know, but how about trying it and let me know.  i have been working on an update for some time now, just never seem to find the time to finish.

  • costakisc, Family first then the rest can follow. If the family is put first everything can go smoothly... like the wife can let you stay up coding up till late hours... She can even make you some food while you are working on the Plugin updates. Anyway, this is just a small advice for those who are software developers. The same is going on for wife has asked me to remodel our small pharmaceutical business and the kids are on their last week of school and also getting ready for summer holiday and my work is also always hunting me for 8 hours per day five days a week... I have also been working for Plugins updates for some time and hope to release them to the elgg community soon... Good luck with 4 room remodeling...

  • Is it not possible to make a plugin for the whole site? So smylies can added and used ?

  • @ Pala , the answer to your question about is it possible to make a smile and emotions for the whole site? A short answer is Yes... the only factor is time to code...

  • But it would be nice to have a plugin for general smielys on the every website section also to add new smielys with code for the new smielys. I just mean alot people will like to use it. 

    Blogs/Pages/thewire/HyperForum/CustomSites/ETC ( Main smiely module )

  • That is what I am working on, but my spare time is very limited.  As Tom said family first

  • adc

    ok folks:

    1. this plugin works on elgg 1.8.15. 

    2. a plugin which conflicts and stops this plugin working is ..

    SW Wire Links for Elgg 1.8 sw9.9


  • adc

    nb. you will need to tweek thewire/views/default/river/object/thewire/create.php because a handful of the image links are broken.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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