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and also if you use hypewall i can give you the code to make it work

  • When I downloaded this plugin I can see the name of plugin is thewire and with this name there is already one plugin on the site. 

    So we have to replace all the files in the same plugin?


  • yep, it just adds some code to the exsisting plugin.  then when your users enter keys such as " :)  ;)  :lol:  

    , etc it will replace the characters with the smiley images.  can post a list of the keys on here if you need

  • Oh yeah costakisc bro works great. I even did not know that I have to enter the keys hahaha

    I just could not see any changes but now I can see when I enter :) works great

    Yes pls would be great if you post the list of keys here. For new users like me would be easy to understand.

    Many thanks in advance for the lovely plugin 

  • Is there any way to add smileys without replacing thewire files? Can u make different files for that ? Because I have done some modifications in thewire plugin, worried if maybe I would lose that modifications?

    I tested this plugin on test site works fine but worried if I upload this plugin on live site then I would lose the modifications which I made in thewire plugin???

  • I tried this to see if it would work, it did not for me...I tried many different smileys in the wire and they didn't appear on the activity page...I am thinking its because I have a few different plugins installed that could effect the views... i.e. 3 column river display, any ideas?

  • Kimberly! I am also using 3 column plugin with default theme of elgg works fine to me this plugin I am only worried of losing thewire modifications I made waiting for costakisc :)

  • :)






    :o     (can be o, O or 0)


























    its is very simple to add more, you only need to edit 1 file, thewire/views/default/river/object/thewire/create.php. once you open the file and look at the code, you will see how its done.  Just add new code and put the image you want in the _graphics/animated smiley folder.

  • i can tell you how to mod your current wire file, if you do not want to overwrite the entire plugin, its only 2 files that need to be changed.  the start.php, thewire/views/default/river/object/thewire/create.php.  then you just add a new action file and the _graphics folder. really simple.  and yes, kimberly i use river_activity_3C, so it should work.  

    the only problem i have with troubleshooting is that i do not use thewire, i dont even have the plugin installed because i use hypeWall.  it sounds as if you have another plugin that affects thewire.  if you could give me a list of your plugins it would help determine which one it is.

  • Has it been tested with Elgg 1.8.12 the latest version? Thats what im using. Tested it, didn't work, will post a plugin list in a few.

  • i think i am on 1.8.11, but will download .12 now and make the changes and see what happens


  • Whats the easiest way to generate the list so I can copy and paste, because there is alot...

  • that i do not know.......the only plugins i can think that would affect it are ones that have to do with the river or river activity.  the only way i know which ones would have the effect is by the folders in the the plugin.  

    now i am not a coder, i just mixed and matched 2/3 other plugins to make this work, so i dont know if i can fix problems that people report, but will try.

    look through your plugins for any that contain "views/default/river/object/thewire/create.php"

    that is the file that is changed from the original wire plugin that generates the code for the images.

  • also, as a note......

    i did notice looking through the file that i have some coding in there from something else that i was working on.  it will display youtube and vimeo videos on your activity page.  2 lines of code that can be deleted or commented out if you do not desire to have this on your activity page. line 8 and line 10 of the above mentioned file.

    but this should have nothing to do with your problem kimberly

  • You test yet with 1.8.12? No smileys are showing up for me, I tried re-uploading thewire again and no luck. Not a big deal if it doesn't work, but would be cool if I could get it too somehow.

  • I already have youtube videos working on the activity page, there is a plugin for that here:


  • i know, lots of plugins for youtube, i am just working an a way to incorporate facebook style thumbnails with descriptions in the wire without the use of additional plugins.  and have to do some real work to eat, but will look at 1.8.12 a little later today and send you a message about it. 

    from just looking at the code in it, i see no difference, but will test a little later.

  • i had no intentins to make additional versions of this, but i guess if there is enough demand for it, i will add some more emoticons and udate some of the graphics.  

    just recently learned how to make animated gifs.....

    so let me know if you want more.

  • I'd like to definetly get this working, and animated gifs would be very awesome too, you should go all out and make the best damn TheWire plugin that just has it all, lol...Goodluck. Just make sure to do some testing on 1.8.12 because I'd like to use this.

  • Replacing a core plugin isn't the best practice, it will break when you upgrade your site.

    If you need to overwrite functionality you should use the hooks/events/views provided by the core.  I imagine that this plugin parses input and replaces those characters with images.  This can be done with the plugin hook 'view', <view>.

  • yea, i know, its in the works now.


  • working on a new version that doesnt overwrite a core plugin, and that operates like embed extender so it will allow the use of smileys almost everywhere.  going to take some time though, cause i suck at programming and the real job and kids come first.


  • and forgot to me DaScoop in my comments, he is a guiding force along the way.

  • tee-hee;-oO just 'force' will do, ThX !

  • Look forward to using this once its done, take your time and yes kids are way more important then creating free plugins, the more animated gifs you add though, the better I think it'll be :) Best of luck.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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