Release Notes

LiangLeeBlockUser 1.0.5

(March 13, 2013 from


* Core Lib changed.


* Added Support for Friend_requsest Plugin.

  • Thanks Lee and the rest of the Lee Team! :-)


  • Amazing. This was one of the features I wanted my previous programmer to develop, and here it is ready to install. Thanks!

  • This is probably one of the most important feature on any social network! It decentralizes admin work in the hand of the members themselves and who better to decide when someone is harassing you online, than you yourself?

    And thus the life of the admin is MUCH easier.

    • Future features: when user A blocks user B, user A cannot see any of user B's posts anywhere on the network.

  • i'm not presently using this since i dislike the way facebook totally denies the existence of on member to another..
    however, reading brian's comments i see that this plugin does not work the same as facebook in that presently it does not totally block all content, just the profile and ability to send messages.
    if a future version does include the full blocking - i advise making that an admin configurable option.

  • I LIKE this plugin, but I want without framwork. I understand framwork has no bugs but I tested many times it effects my other plugins on the site. So I am trying not to use any kind of framwork. So please please please dear sweet experts try to create plugins without framworks. :(

  • 2 problems

    Blocked User still appears in my "Friends Of" list - if we have blocked an user we would certainly not like her/him to be in "Friends Of"/"Friends" - any friend list. Blocked user can still add me as friend from profile-icon-dropdown-list - Add friend

    Blocked user still shows "Block user" link in profile page - ideally once an user has been blocked the term should change to "Blocked user". If "Block user" persists one tends to click on it only to get the message "this user is already blocked"

    PS - If framework is made optional (instead of compulsory) this mod will be more and massively popular.

  • @Disha , yes good point and please use latest version of this plugin ( you posted comment in 1.0.5 release

    All LiangLeeFramework is abandoned and we will re release plugin again without framework


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4386
  • Recommendations: 19

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