• Does this replace elgg's internal notification system? I'm currently struggling to get cron jobs working so this might not work for me...

  • This doesn't replace anything. It just adds a new notification method. It wont work unless you have cron job configured for the internal notifications system.

  • i didn't see any instructions for cron in the plugin readme.. how do we configure a cron job for this?
    and what does the cron job cause to happen?

  • I am unable to get results with it. I ran cron manually to test this. ( How to correctly run cron manually for this?)
    I was getting results with the core Notification plugin without any cron.

  • @dranii and @tunist the Elgg 1.9 notifications system requires a one-minute Cron job to send some of the notifications (not all). You can read more about that here: http://learn.elgg.org/en/1.9/guides/notifications.html

    Read in particular this part: http://learn.elgg.org/en/1.9/guides/notifications.html#enqueued-notifications

  • thanks for the link juho - i didn't know about the 1 minute cron issue.
    i also saw that the CRON link on that page you linked is broken ->

  • @Juho thanks. So for routine notification it seems not to need any cron.
    One thing, can the notification messages point/click to the actual entity being notified for easy seeing by the user. For example it points to a blog while the comment notified resides on the 3rd page of comments

    After reading the docs it seems there need to be an admin option in the plugin settings to choose between instant or cronbased notification. However such options are not there in any of the notifier plugins.

    (BTW, Juho, its ura soul, not iionly :))

  • Taking the user to a particular comment on the page is trivial. You'd just have to alter comment links to include the id of the comment.

    For example: https://community.elgg.org/plugins/1156632/1.9.0/notifier#comment-1937640

    Elgg core doesn't however currently support jumping to the correct comment page just by adding the comment's id to the URL. So if there are three pages, and the comment is on the second page, you'd still see the first page instead of the second one where the comment is.

  • i think that an infinite scrolling, auto loading, comment jumping version of the comments is needed. :)

  • @Juho - How to "include the id of the comment." - can this be incorporated in the next version of this plugin?

    @Ura Soul - Pagination is actually better. Infinite scroll options plugins are there in Elgg 1.8, need to test fro 1.9

    When we post a comment the page does not autoscroll to the comment - may be you write a plugin for that :)

  • currently i use gallicomments to add new comments via ajax and advanced_comments to auto refresh and sort the comments list by ajax.
    it would be nice to have a plugin that brings all the features together, yes - though truly i would prefer that this is added to core. i've given up making suggestions for core though as every one has been deleted for reasons i disagree with.

  • How to "include the id of the comment." - can this be incorporated in the next version of this plugin?

    Sorry, the purpose of this plugin is to display notifications. Not alter comment URLs.

  • Thanks Juho. I understand that it is not in the per-view of this plugin. But please be kind to note that any "Notification" in any site in internet links to the actual stuff (content / comment / picture whatever) being notified. This is usual practice and usual user expectation, which is broken if things are done otherwise. But thanks again - in its present state this is an useful plugin, no doubt.

    BTW, can Ajax features of this New Live Notifications Ajax for Elgg 1.9 be incorporated into this OR may be the top-nav-bar only be Ajax-refreshed from time to time?

  • Juho, this is a very nice plugin.  I'll be evaluating it a little more on our test server before we decide to move it to production, but this looks very promising.

    One thing I noticed is that you use the global 'hidden' attribute.  Apparently this is not supported in IE until version 11.  So on IE 10 (and earlier), this is what it looks like when you don't have any notifications:

    You might already be aware of this and are intentionally choosing to not support IE10 and below.  If so, then I'll just modify your plugin locally so I can use it at my organization (IE10 is the currently-supported version here).  Otherwise it's a simple fix -- use CSS visibility:hidden.

    Thanks for the great work with this plugin!

  • Thanks for the feedback. I admit I may have started using the attribute a bit too early. Could you fork my repository and make a pull request that changes it?

  • Sure, I'll do that.  Would you prefer that I add the 'style="visibility:hidden;"' inline in the PHP, or use a '.hidden' class referred to in the PHP and defined in the CSS?

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