Release Notes

  • Admin can set notifier enabled by default for new users and new group members
  • Prevents false comment_tracker notifications being sent when liking content
  • Is it dependent on the core notifications? Or should the core notifications be turned off?

    Most importantly can the notification icon be ajaxified or combined with the live_notifications?

  • Notifier is depending on the bundled notifications plugin.

    What do you mean by ajaxifying the icon?

  • Sorry for being not clear. Ajaxifying the icon = the notification icon updates/increments the number whenever there are new notifications. To see this, one has to refresh or revisit the page. If ajax update is there it automatically increases the number without page refresh ( with possible user option of a sound in some scripts). Live notification plugin/mod for Elgg has this working.

    "This is not possible with Elgg's current pagination system." Has no one really worked on this so far? Is this getting corrected in Elgg 1.9? Live notification plugin shows a comment excerpt in the overlay notification box - however comparisonwise Notifier is much better and has user options in place.

  • I may look into updating the icon asynchonously in the 1.9 version, but can't promise anything yet.

    Changing the pagination is not an easy task because its been integrated si deeply in Elgg core. There won't be any changes to it in Elgg 1.9, but definitely in some of the later versions.

  • i just discovered that the coldtrick view count plugin was triggering spurious video notifications (as was matt's version) - so am testing notifier again to see if the issue is resolve here with the view counter disabled.

  • @tunist Yeah, sounds like there is some overlap with the feature that monitors people viewing content.

  • i think the notification issue is resolved now i have disabled the counter plugins. i looked through the code briefly of the counter code and didn't notice any obvious causes for the notifications glitch.

    i did though see that:

    i am seeing notifications for my own actions in my list.. so that i see when i have created a video, for example. is that the intended behaviour? or is that another videolist related glitch?

    i also see that the icon that is being used for notifications in the topbar is different for me with different browsers.. which i thought may be a cache related issue.. so far though i haven't found a way to resolve it simply. in firefox on one pc i am seeing the triangle 'alarm' icon being used and in chromium on another pc i am seeing the circular symbol with exclamation mark in it.. i will look more at this later.

  • i am seeing notifications for my own actions in my list

    No, this is not intended.

    the icon that is being used for notifications in the topbar is different for me with different browsers

    Also a bug, but is definitely not caused by notifier.

  • ok, i will test the process some more to find why i am viewing my own items.

    the notification icon is due to the use me forgetting i had used position-y as a css value in my theme to change notifier's css - this is, for some reason, not supported in firefox. so i have fixed that for me now.

  • Plugin Settings Notifier
    Warning! Having notifier enabled for many users may result in a lot of writes to the database. Therefore it doesn't scale well for large sites.

    Any approximate idea how many users is "many users"?
    doesn't scale well = means the mod does not work ? make the site slow? anything else?


  • @disha

    I don't have any data on the performance. The performance depends on the setup of your server and your Elgg site. The site may get slow if there are too many people using notifier.

    Let me know the details, if you test it!

    Please provide:

    • Your hardware details
    • The amount of non-bundled plugins that fetch/save something from/to the database on every page load
    • The amount of users who have enabled notifier as a notification method
    • Server load when notifier is enabled (time span of 1-2 weeks might be enough)
    • Server load when notifier is disabled
  • Hi, 

    How can I set Notifier notifications active (box in user's settings -> personal notifications automatically checked) for users?

    Thank you 

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