Release Notes

The plugin is quite hacky and it doesn't yet necessarily support all notification and entity types.

Test it carefully before installing on a production site!

  • So far it works good on my site. I like this idea alot, was hoping someone would do something like this, atleast for commenting.

    Very nice Juho. Its also adding the AddMe share buttons since I have that plugin installed, kewl...

  • funciona bien pero no puedo marcar las notificaciones como leidas 

    works well but I can not make notifications as read

  • Yes, I notice when you have notifications and go check them out, it still says the notifcations are there after you see them, its not reseting back to 0 once notifications are read.

  • @mariano @Kimberly Yes, this happens because there is currently only a limited amount of entity types that are supported.

    What entity subtypes are the ones which do not get marked as read in your installations? If you don't know the exact subtypes just tell me the the notification text and the plugin that has generated the notification.

  • mariano likes your post "15 hours ago

    not show the content like

  • @mariano That's weird. Likes should work. What is the item that has been liked?

  • the item is "the wire post"

  • what's the difference between this and new live notifications ajax?

  • Hi again, every notification I've gotten so far hasn't been read. Likes on Images, Comments on Photos, and Files that are Photos, those are the notifications I've got so far, just seems like all of them are not being read, you can view the notifications but they do not dissappear even after being read.  Plugin for photos im using is Tidypics, as for the likes, well that comes with Elgg as default plugin, or Likes 1.8.

  • @Jukho, Mariano and Kimberly.  Move the plugin above, just below the core plugins. Then likes are being read. You probably have another plugin overriding notification settings.

    anyway, cool plugin ! 

  • @mariano Thanks, I got it now! Wire posts do not have titles so it is displaying an empty value. I will change it to display an excerpt of the message body.

    @Cim You probably mean this? I don't know the details about Fernando's plugin but by a quick look it seems that the main differences are:

    • His plugin requires other plugins to use a specific add_new_notification() function whereas my plugin aims to use Elgg's internal systems to catch the new actions
    • My plugin highlights notifications until user has checked the content
    • His plugin updates the icon automatically using AJAX
    • His plugin overrides the notification settings page whereas my plugin just extends it
    @Kimberly Were you able to fix the problem by changing the priority of the plugin like Gerard suggested?
  • ah i see, thanks for the clarification. btw, i can't seem to find the mentions plugin. is it named something else on here?

  • @Cim Actually I think the mentions plugin hasn't been added to the community at all. It can be found from Elgg github repository:

    I'm currently trying to find a way to integrate some kind of autocomplete feature for it.

  • Hello Juho, thank you for your plugin. It works perfectly with most of the entities of Elgg but doesn't seem to work with the HypeAlive plugin's system of likes and comments of Ismayil Khayredinov. It doesn't seem to get the notifications from this plugin. I would like to know if you can make it work with the plugin HypeAlive of Ismayi Khayredinov. It would help me alot. thank you.


  • I tried what Gerard recommended but it did not work, the notifications still aren't being read. Plugin is great and wanted to use but if I can't get them read im going to have to disable this one until we can figure out what the deal is.

  • That sounded interesting until someone mentioned @admin  wire post and now I have 1 notification hanging forever. This is annoying.

  • Failed to view notification river:create:object:thewire from user admin to user roman

    ↑↑↑ this what I see in the Administration page

  • Well, perhaps problem was that admin and roman a also a friends with friends notifier checked as well, so I kinda got 2 notification one blank and another with river:create:object:thewire

  • @Roman have you tried changing the plugin's list order?

  • i use a lot of hypes plugins so updating comments and likes and such are always a pain for me.  this seems to work to a degree.  i get the notification but it doesnt quite display correctly:  river:comment:object:hjwall 15 hours ago  but am working on that now.  I dont know if this has to do with hypes plugins or not, but i noticed that when a user commented on the same item twice, the 2nd notifications never showed up.  I edited some code and it works, but just wondering if it was something in the plugin or another that i use

  • Well, let me see, this plugin is placed before theme plugin, so all content and commenting plugins like videos and so on are placed above this.

    Plust both users admin and roman are admins.

  • User likes your post "just now, how to fix this ? there is no link hence i cant get ride of the notifications, since its not read yet...also a button to clear them all would be just fine. 

    another question i have is how to bring more plugins to interact with it ? for exemple i have Etherpads heavely used on my network, i would love to see a notification if a user open a pad i have created.

    would it even be possible ?  

  • @Ben Borges

    User likes your post "just now, how to fix this ?

    Most likely this is one of your wire posts. See the discussion above.

    also a button to clear them all would be just fine 

    I have already added this feature to a new version that I will publish shortly.

    how to bring more plugins to interact with it?

    The next version of the plugin will support more entity types. Let's get back to this if the desired plugins do not work in the next version. My goal is to get this plugin support as many notification types as possible.

  • great ! thanks for your answers ! yes in fact that notification i posted is a "like" on a post on the river.

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