[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: Album Link] v1.8.0

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  • Initial release.
  • Very nice, now users can quickly get to eachothers albums from the icon especially if they are not that familiar with elgg. Thankyou very much for this plugin.


  • Sounds great to me, but is there any screen shot for that? One more thing I want to know before trying this awesome plugin.

    I wanna know is there any privacy option so that if user does not like to show his/her photo ablums to the visitors and to the friends only? Like setting up privacy for the photos who can view and who can not?

    Many thanks in advance & awaiting for yours reply.


  • Well, I've added a screenshot - though I thought it would be kind of self-explanatory what "adds a link to the user icon hover menu that leads to the Tidypics photo albums of this user." would mean...

    The access settings of user albums are not directly relevant here. The link only leads to the overview page of the user's Tidypics photo albums. If this user has no albums OR if the access settings for any albums are set on a level that denies the current viewer access, this user simply does not see any albums or at least not the albums that are not accessible due to their access level.

    It's not necessary to add any privacy options to the album_link plugin. The Tidypics album access level settings stay untouched.

  • Its perfect iionly, if someone has a 'friends only' album and someone clicks their link it wont show their 'friends only' album, only public photo album if they have one available, thanks again.

  • iionly, nice screenshot..

    Actually, sometimes people aren't thinking the same as the dev when they read the description of a plugin.

    Sometimes people can't imagine what it would look like, so a screenshot is a wonderful tool to back up what you are saying. Thanks for adding it. And for new users of elgg, it can be confusing to try and imagine along with all the other things they have to figure out with Elgg.. Not complaining, actually just trying to help you understand that there are a lot of people who aren't as comfortable (yet) with the way things work as a dev might be.

    Great addition and Thanks for it.

  • when i saw this i immediately thought 'why not extend this to include other common features?' - like videos/photos etc.
    some plugins have an admin page to allow admins to select subtypes for inclusion - so there's no need to code the plugin for every eventuality.. just know the way to list the subtypes..
    anyhow, thanks for sharing 

  • uras:
    you have no idea just what you have said;
    your thots fit exactly into my so-called 'nexgen'
    style of thinking - *if you've paid any attention
    to my nexgen posts/pages - creating code
    without writing any code!
    ( wait for it...
    aside: what i am planning will level the coding field
    and bridge the gap between developers and
    coding dummies until there is little difference. )

  • oki :oO
    tested some example extras
    define the links in language file as text table
        LINK                    TEXT   
        photos/owner/_U_        %s\'s Photo Albums
        blog/owner/_U_            %s\'s Blogs
        pages/owner/_U_            %s\'s Pages
    UserLinkX (new name?;) PlugIn picks up all of these 
    to generate the code needed to define hover menu links. 

    wonder what other areas..
    can put this to use to 'extend' menu links,
    e.g. the bottom admin-only links.
    to simply create code without coding ;-}

    no extra code was done for the extra links -
    just the text-table definitions.

    ideas ?


  • @dhrup: yes elgg is ready for a layer to be added between php and webpage.. exposure of core/plugin variables to allow alteration of the site's parameters in combination with what you are describing is needed to elevate the framework to elgg 2.0 .. :)

  • ' what you are describing ' - is decribed in finer details here ->
    the general 'idea' being to make developers redundant ;)
    create code without coding
    e.g to take 50 lines of descriptive quasi 'code'
    to generate 11,00 lines pf php, css, html, js, jq
    to perform some elgg feature functionality..
    but.. too much workload not enough hands brains...

  • This plugin here was coded solely for adding the link to the Tidypics album page to the hover menu and nothing more. The idea/suggestion/request was posted on a dicussion topic here on the site and I thought the implementation is rather simple and done fast.

    I think the plugin code is easy enough to allow for getting an understanding how to add another menu item "in code". Basically, fully customization of other menus is not so much different or more complex either. What surely would be much more complex would be writing a plugin that would allow for fully customization "on site" with maybe only clicking the menus together in some way. More complex mostly because everyone would like to get slightly different result - and implementing all these configuration options would be the hard part.

    At first it might seem so much easier to have a plugin available that allows on-site configuration of everything ("Oh no! I can't code... know nothing about php..."). But sometimes it's maybe easier to get your hands a little dirty and write a plugin. For example here: only a few lines of code ("light plugin") that create the menus exactly as you want vs. a very complex, large and resource-hungry ("heavy") plugin that will allow you to create the menus more or less like you want to but slowing down your site unnecessrily...


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-9-1
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