[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Identicons] v1.8.1

Release Notes


  • Code cleanup,
  • Made the Removal button on the avatar edit page working both with regular user avatars and identicon images (not showing the button in the latter case).
  • on sign-in i see:

     Fatal error: Call to undefined function imageantialias() in /mysite/mod/identicon/start.php on line 408

  • @ura: imageantialias() is a function of the php gd extention. It's only available when the gd extension is available on your server. But as the gd extension is a requirement of Elgg (for example to handle image resizing of avatars) I'm slightly confused about the error assuming it is available. Are you sure the gd extention is enabled on your server?

  • this is with my local dev server..
    the tidypics admin panel shows GD as enabled in all ways that it can.

  • @ura: Php site (http://php.net/manual/en/function.imageantialias.php) says "This function is only available if PHP is compiled with the bundled version of the GD library."

    So, I can only assume that while the GD extension is available on your server it's not what they call the "bundled version". I don't know which version of the GD extension (or more likely which php package) would be the correct one for your server.

    You could try it with commenting out the line(s) with the imageantialias() functions. The plugin should still work then but the icon images might be a bit "steppy" then (have not tried what they look like myself).

  • ok, thanks for finding the answer here.

    i did not know there are multiple versions of GD with differing functions. for now i will just turn off this plugin.

  • seems to be working great, however if there was an admin setting to turn it off for groups that would be great.

  • @Krischan:

    Do you mean a plugin setting that disables the option to use a identicon as group image even if no group image is available? So, there's no way to use an identicon for any group at all?

    Right now the identicon will only be used as group image if there's not already a custom group image available for this group. And you can still disable the identicon on the Group edit page even if no custom group image is available (then the gray default image is used) or you can activate the identicon for a group even if there's already a group image available.

  • ahh ok, well what I meant was an option to only use the identicons for the users not the groups by default. I think it looks nice for users but a bit strange for groups, but manually disableing it for all the hundreds of groups on our page is too much of a hassle.

  • I like it a lot! Now I'll remove the mandentory avatar upload from the register page. I like all bling for Elgg

  • Is there any way to have "colorful faces" instead of geometric shapes? Just a fancy question, not of any urgent type. Or is there a way to have some other pictures rather than geometric shapes?

  • @disha: the identicons are created by an algorithm and this algorithm will always produce these kind of identicons (still each is unique based on the email address of the user). For completely different kind of idenicon images another algorithm would be necessary. There is another one implemented in an Elgg 1.7 plugin that produces so called "wavatars" (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/384855/0.2/wavatar). Maybe I will port this plugin to Elgg 1.8 at some point when I have some time and maybe merge the two plugins into one. There are also other algorithms available that have not been implemented within an Elgg plugin so far. Implementing them might not be possible (or the plugin would not be allowed to be published here) due to license issues.

    Right now I can't work on the identicon plugin due to lack of time but some more features (like different types of identicons) is something that I will surely not rule out for future versions of this plugin.

  • Yes, I meant "wavatars". Thanks !

    It will be good to have this for Elgg 1.8.18 and 1.9. I understand this needs time.


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  • Updated: 2017-1-7
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