• I dont see it anywhere after enabling it...elgg 1.8.8..
    is there something else to do ?

  • You do need to click on the plugin's Settings entry, set the authentication option to on, and hit save. If it's still not displaying after that, let me know - it extends the login view, like most of the other auth plugins, so you should see the button.

  • Oh indeed, saved and now its displaying ! thanks for the support !

  • @BenWerd: hope to see you around here from now on. Elgg is not a project to be abandoned... Closed working communities are the future! (Even if the takeoff is somewhat sluggish.)

  • different ways of looking at this subject.. 
    having all the logins available in one location would make it a primary target for hacking.. why is mozilla more trustworthy than other groups?

    i would be interested to use a solution like this that actually works, however, there isn't enough info on the mozilla page about the security and other details for me..
    does anyone have any links that might explain more? thanks 

  • Ura Soul: the idea is that, eventually, the identity system will be completely decentralize and built into everybody's browsers. The current JS-based implementation is a shim until that happens. It'll find its way into Firefox properly soon.

  • Hi Ben,

    First, thanks for developing this. I've installed and tested the Wordpress.org version and no problems there.

    However, on my Elgg I installed, activated the Persona for Elgg 1.8 plugin. My Elgg is set up so that only the login page shows when users aren't logged in. I then logged out and tried to log in via Persona. The popup worked, I logged in via Persona but my Elgg login page kept redirecting to itself, effectively stuck in a loop. I had to flush the browser cache to break the loop, log in normally a deactivate Persona.

    Hope you can work out what happened and why and fix it!

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. I'm only too pleased to help with your project.


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