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fix Friend List 

  • i changed the css for the 1.8rc2 version of this plugin, as the css was changed from the previous version..
    and saw that this is needed:


    to prevent the chatbox breaking when long words are typed as chat.

    thanks for adding to this useful plugin. :)

  • as a note for your next release:

    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: register_elgg_event_handler() was deprecated by elgg_register_event_handler() Called from [#6] C:\xampp\htdocs\cwp\elgg-1.8.3\mod\bottom_bar\start.php:26
  • i'm creating some sounds for use with the chat.. i see the 4 audio files that come with the plugin: 

    chat.mp3; chatter.wav; msg_in.mp3; notify.mp3;

    i am confused about which files to edit and what events they are triggered by..

    looking through the code i see that chatter.wav is associated to function bbIconClick() - yet that function is not shown to be called anywhere..

    and when i search for notify.mp3 & chat.mp3 i do not find it used in the code.

    msg_in.mp3 is listed in the bottom_bar.php file; although i am not certain how/where it is triggered.


    ideally i'd like a sound for 'friend comes online', 'new conversation is opened' & 'update is added to already open chat window'.

    anyone familiar with how this is intended to function?


  • this function sound is  soundManager.play('msg_in'); in functions.php

    and bottom_bar.php is:


    <script type="text/javascript">

    url: '<?php echo $CONFIG->wwwroot; ?>mod/bottom_bar/soundmanager2/swf/soundmanager2.swf',
    flashVersion: 9, // optional: shiny features (default = 8)
    useFlashBlock: false, // optionally, enable when you're ready to dive in
    * read up on HTML5 audio support, if you're feeling adventurous.
    * iPad/iPhone and devices without flash installed will always attempt to use it.
    onready: function() {
    soundManager.createSound({id:"msg_in", url:"<?php echo $CONFIG->wwwroot; ?>mod/bottom_bar/sounds/msg_in.mp3",
    autoLoad: true,

  • so only one sound is triggered in the code in this current version of the bottom_bar plugin?

    only when a new text message is written?

    do you know how to add sounds to other events? 

    i already saw the code you posted.. and do not know how that code attaches to an html or php event. do you?

  • example:

    function My_sound(){



  • ah yes, thanks.. i missed those lines..
    so that is for the event 'new text is written'
    i'll see if i can code the other events..
    i like the sounds to be how skype works.. so there can be a 'bigger' sound for the less regular events, such as conversations starting.. and smaller sounds for more common events.. such as text being written. :)

  • i've gone through and cleaned up some of the function code.. and added colons (':') after the .chatmessagefrom span text for each message line. 

    i registered a new sound file called 'new_chat' and can trigger it ok..

    however, when i attempt to trigger it in the correct place within the code (where a new chat window is created) - no sound is played... a strange problem. if i place a javascript alert box in there, the alert shows correctly.. but if i try and play a sound (either the 'msg_in' file or the new one) no sound plays..

    this is the place, in case you know what to do to fix this:

    function checkMessages() {

    var newMessage = false;

    $.get("<?php echo $CONFIG->wwwroot; ?>mod/bottom_bar/chat.php?action=rx", function(data) {
    if (data != "") {
    try {
    newMessage = true;

    msg = data.split("|",3);

    if (bb_chat_windows.indexOf(msg[0]) == -1) {
    addChat(msg[0], msg[1]);



    strangely, the 'msg_in' sound is not being played when the first message is sent in.. and i have no explanation of why that is either.
    hmm.. i'll look again tomorrow..

    i'm going to add a volume control too if i get this to function correctly. 

  • ok, I'm resolve this problem for you, sorry for my inglish ;)

  • i'm finding that the chat sound is being triggered when the chat is not being used.. 
    if i change the position of a plugin in the admin area - plugin page - the chat sound is played!
    no idea why that is 

  • How do I access the settings for this plugin? How can I access the settings database that uses the plugin and the issue of emotions?

  • i find something wrong at ceche , any solution for it?


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 11456
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