galliCache for Elgg 1.8.X v1.1

  • I turned this plugin off, since I had to much trouble with logged in users. Since it works very well for visitors and I need to speed up things as much as I can, I re-enabled it and tried to fix things.

    By not providing logged in users to use the functions galliCache_create_cache and galliCache_read_cache most of the issues are fixed. I only have one issue left. Users cannot add widgets anymore, which offcourse is bad.

    My best guess is that galliCache interferes with system cache, but I am not sure. How to proceed ? 

  • @Gerard : If the user is logged in this plugin wont pass the page request through the caches. So there should not be any issue for logged in users. Please explain whats your trouble with logged in users.

    Users cannot add widgets anymore, which offcourse is bad.

    Seems a jaavascript error. Use the console to inspect.

  • @TeamWebgali. You are right and Java gives a problem. The actual Java error is

    onkeyup='widget_manager_widgets_search($(this).val());'> (unmatched end tag).

    But if elggCache disabled, it does not have this problem. The elggCache JS script is loaded on the page when logged in ! Is there a conflict with widget manager JS ?


  • Oh and it gives an elgg error message: You cannot add this widget, which also does not appear without the cache plugin enabled.

  • Elgg cache js is same as a core file. Try re arranging the plugins.

  • Now you mention it, the java registration looks like a dummy or placeholder. Why use it at all ?

    Rearranging plugins does not help. Could it be that is has a conflict with APC byte code caching ?

  • The galliCache.js is not a dummy file or place holder. It is a needed file, but it is same as that of elgg's core file.

    I have no idea about your special case, but the plugin is working in all of our installations.

  • Yes, maybe it is me. I downloaded the plugin again and see no java. There is a js folder, but the file in there is empty (0 bytes).  I am trying to understand and fix it. No offense !

  • @Gerard : nothing offensive :)

    The initialize_elgg.php file inside js folder is just a dummy file to override the core js file. The same contents are there in the galliCache js file loaded. I haven't tested this plugin with widget manager. Will let you know after testing it. (but will need time).

  • @Gerard : the error is because no page owner user is being detected in the js file. Need to investigate on why it happens so.

  • elgg 1.8.6 gallicache affects Widgets. I can't add widgets, seeing error -> Error, unable to add Widget for both users and administration control -

  • @Roman :As explained in my previous comment, there is a bug in page owner detection. We haven't got enough time to debug it. Thats the reason for errors in widget pages. You can expect the fix in next release.

  • @Gerard Kanters & @Roman : Please try the new release and report.

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