CKEditor with Image Upload v1.3

Release Notes

Tested on 1.8.16.

Please let me know if any issue.


Note :-  Just copy in the Mod and use it !!!  below steps does not required

Please see plugin start .PHP and find below URL please use the URL as per your server and give the path of your Dev environment

// Dev URL

//Production URL

  • say in the native 1.9 version of elgg.
    Deletes the folder and made a new upload the plugin ckeditor 1.9 appeared and I enabled it.
    But on the site it still does not appear, I tried the tinymce also and no work.
    I know that has nothing to do with the plugin developer of this page, but how can I solve this?
    Would you like an editor on my site.

    Thank you for your help

  • On my site, I have image upload enabled using Imgur's API though. Would this be in demand? If so, I can make a plugin.

  • CKEditor with image upload built in? This would be brilliant, it would save using external links and placements.

  • It is there now in 1.9 and 1.10 if you enable embed (Allows users to easily upload and embed media into text areas. Requires a plugin for uploading files.) and the file (Adds file sharing to Elgg)  plugins. It's almost but not quite seamless but it's there.

    First they click the link to embed content and can either select an image they've uploaded previously or they can upload a file. Once the image is uploaded it's available to be embedded.

    It's not as nice as the CKFinder with CKEditor but CKFinder isn't free, it has to be purchased.

    There might be other image upload tools out there for CKEditor, here is a Google search.

  • There is also this plugin at CKEditor's website.

    This plugin add the following image oriented feature to editor:

    • Insert image with all properties managed in a dialog
    • Integrate with any external file manager to upload/browser images.
    • Context menu option to edit an existing image
  • I uploaded 1.3 to the mod folder, but it seems to be merged with the existing ckeditor. When I delete "ckeditor" folder, this plugin does not appear in the admin panel. I am using 1.11

  • Try my plugin if you don't want to upload images to your server.

  • @saurabh this plugin is 1.8. Can you update?

    @cim nice plugin. Why imugr allows to upload pics to their server. Do they use them?


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