CKEditor with Image Upload v1.2

Release Notes

This is updated version of this plugin.

Just copy in the Mod and use it !!! Please let me know if any feedback..

I am happy to update or modify this plugin

Note :-  Just copy in the Mod and use it !!!  below steps does not required

Please see plugin start .PHP and find below URL please use the URL as per your server and give the path of your Dev environment

// Dev URL

//Production URL

I would Like to thanks @Matt Beckett  and @Paweł Sroka (vazco) who provided me the starting point to implement this plugin.

  • Great job! It worked perfectly!

    I would suggest that you put all the functions contained in the plugin extended_tinymce.

    But the work is very good. In my case I can not use the plugin tinymce because of conflicts with others that use. Then this plugin is its serving me enough. Thank you!

    I will recommend!

  • Thanks !!!

    Can you please evaluate more what I need to do "I would suggest that you put all the functions contained in the plugin extended_tinymce"

  • This has some deprecated warnings, and it doesn't adjust to the layout size.



  • elgg's core embed + tinymce seems ok to work ok

  • @Dhrup haha the core's embed uploads the picture to the files plugin. So if you have a blog with tons of images, those images will appear in the activity page, so it's not quite 'pretty'

  • i'd go for patching mod\blog\views\default\river\object\blog\create.php - only 4 lines of code to code  with ;-P the we can really be pretty @ 'haha'

  • i did a test fo blogs & embedded images - you should test too; core embed is better by 800%

  • Core embed is good, Dhrup, but as I said before it uploads the image to the file plugin and then the activity appears in the river.

  • Hi ALL,

    Thanks for using my pugin !!! ..Please let me know the issues.. I am still working on this I will sure make it 900% better then any other plugin. :) :) :) ..

    Please recommends if you have any suggestion or any issues. Next release very soon

  • Could you do something about the editor size? It doesn't adjust well to elgg layout

  • @RJC: i do not follow what issues you have with blogs' river displays.
    this is my blogs/ images test and looks quite fine to my eyes
    no funny stuff, and seems 'pretty' enough in the river.
    ithink the same can be also handled and customised with the embed
    extender unless one wants to reinvent the core embed wheel -->


  • @Dhrup The thing is when you use the embed, and you want to upload a picture, that picture you upload and use on a blog post, appears on the activity page. That's not really pretty.

  • do your testing first, post your screenshots here, then we can see the issues firsthand.

  • I did my testing :D

    -Clean only using embed + files + blog

    -Write blog.

    -Upload picture with the core embed plugin

    -The picture uploaded appears in the activity stream as: Admin has uploaded a new file 'picture 1.png'

    -The blog post appears normal.

  • screenshots ?
    tho sounds like your 'issues' do not exist.
    and how would i know from before ?
    i checked the blog's river object code!
    there's nothing there to make to river 'ugly'
    sooo - ckeditor + core embed works fine
    (as i tested before) therefore maybe
    seems - the wheel is being re-invented here?
    i.e. fixing something that's not broken ?!


  • I like this plugin but how to set up page layout? This editor is bigger than elgg layout while creating blog I can see this editor is bigger than the elgg layout required :(

    This plugin is amazing just need this fixing please :)

  • And also I want Text Alignment left right etc as well how I can add that?

  • Seriously Dhrup? You couldn't understand what I said? Ok, look below:




    Picture uploaded with the core embed on a blog appears in the activity stream. Unnecessary. Useless.

  • 1) there is no image embedded in your screenshot
    2) looks pretty much the same as EmbedExtender or WireTube does for other media
    3) if the issue is - the words Picture 1.png -> that can be fixed in the river object view of Blogs

    my original point simply that there's nothing wrong with core embed which cannot be fixed or enhanced in a few lines of code rather than a plugin of several 000`s lines ;)

  • @@ Dhrup: Can you please tell community what exact fix or enhancement needed for emded . I would recommend you for the interest of the community can you create a plugin which will have your suggesting and share here it really going to help everyone.  :) :) :) :)


  • @RJC: the situational semantics would most likely resemble matts' profile url some months back which was released (only 20 lines of code) to illustrate the php-code-plethora contrasted to an alternative plugin for the same functionality and developed within the bounds of some 'framework' and approx 700 loc total. 

  • @Dhrup You don't seem to understand me. The activity you see there is because I uploaded a picture using the core embed plugin. I uploaded the picture, then I was about to embed it, when I went to the activity stream and I saw this activity river. That's what is wrong. The embed should not use the files plugin to upload pictures, it should be independent to avoid showing those river entries. I don't know why you don't understand that.

    CKeditor lets you embed pictures (and upload) without making unnecessary river entries. It is not about 'reinventing the wheel' it is about coming with a better functionality than the core embed or Tinymce


  • @Dhrup for the record, the 20-700 lines example is something entirely different that cannot be applied here, since CKeditor is different that Tinymce and the 'embed' feature that comes in CKeditor is quite useful

  • maybe you've been using the wrong analogy. i think what you want is like how agilez isolates all activity *away from the river and it looks like there is zero ctivity.. unless the user is in the 'right place' -> then they see all relevant activities, files, blogs, everything ;) that btw was done by not coding more but trimming out unneeded code blocks!

  • I understand what you're talking about rj

    If you don't need the files plugin to be used for anything other than back-end embedding, then what Dhrup proposes (preventing the files plugin from posting to the river) is a valid solution.  However, if you want to use files as-is, and have a seperate method to imbed into content on a one-time basis where your 'files' listings and river aren't affected then another solution is required.

    I have often thought the same thing.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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