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Allows plugin authors to easily create/run unit tests for them

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Testable code is good. For code that integrates tightly with Elgg's API, you can always register with the built-in hook for Elgg's core SimpleTest suite, but then you either have to sit through the entire core test suite to run your test, or unregister the core test handlers in your plugin. With this plugin you just drop tests into a folder in your plugin and they become a runnable test suite accessible from the admin area.

For PHPUnit tests, this plugin comes with a pre-configured config file that auto-includes all your local plugin tests. It's not severely difficult to make your own config XML file, but this is a little time saver.


  • Add SimpleTest and/or PHPUnit tests to your plugin by simply creating folders in your plugin
  • Admins can see available tests and run SimpleTest suites for single plugins via the web
  • A PHPUnit config file and bootstrap is included to run all plugin PHPUnit tests as a suite
  • Admin page gives you command for running CLI phpunit (on web server)
  • Auto-requires your test bootstrap.php if available
  • PHPUnit bootstrap automatically includes PSR-0 autoloading for your plugin's classes directory and the Elgg core files.

See the plugin homepage for more instructions.


  • Category: Tools
  • License: Modified BSD license
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 647
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