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  • Hi Jeroen, very (!) nice plugin. Highly recommended on Elgg 1.8.12. Maybe I've overlooked this but could you please direct me to a description of the lables for each of the graphics? For example, what does 'users > account activity' stand for? Is it the number of users logged in on the site in that month, or the number of users who made changes on the site, etc. and how is it different from 'activity > activity over time'? I imagine it would be very useful for other users as well. Again congratulations on a great piece of work! Cheers!

  • I've tried running it on 1.9 version of community page (so you sould say that's significant amount of data) and it runs very well. It failed only to load widgets for the first time (after reload it went fine, though slow, so maybe some timeout kicked in - can't tell now) and it never loaded "Groups with the most files and photos". Apart from that, it runs pretty smoothly, only users stats took longer time, but still reasonable amount. Recommended.

  • @Paweł thanks for the recommend. Good to now it works good!

  • wil it work in elgg 1.7 .......

  • Hi Jeroen Dalsem 

    A fantastic tool for anyone building a community. Works great (New installers if you only get spinning loading circles instead of data after activation flush your caches and upgrade then open Advanced Statistics again). Highly recommend this  mod. Great job Jeroen. May I suggest a log for number of users online including - Guests -(unregistered Users) - Registered Members with a dated most users online in a single hour.


  • Hi Jeroem

    I can't see any statistics, just the circle in a loop. Using the latest elgg version, and only 300 users.

  • Why not 'users logged in today/this week/'? I think useful.

  • @inca good question. At the moment this plugin is not tracking anything. It analyzes the database (historic data) and users logged in per X is currently not available in the system.

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