New Live Notifications Ajax v1.9.1

Release Notes

  • Update to Elgg branch 1.9 New
  • Integrate new comments and replies objects

Bonus feature:

  • The topbar Menssage icon is updated automatically every 15 seconds, updating the counter when a new messages.

Testing in Elgg 1.9.5


  • i have custom theme and dont see the icon in the top and no notification. Plugin is active and in the top. Are there settings?  How get icon in the top bar? Elgg 1.9.4

  • Have you/anyone  tested with many messages/many users? Does it eat up resources and slows down the site? Id there any queue function like notifier?

  • Some more questions
    1) Can the admin determine how many messages appear in the overlay box from top nav bar?
    2) Can messages on same content  within short interval be grouped into one message like
    3) Settings > Notification should allow user to choose whether to keep it on - site super admin, via plugin settings, should be able to set defaults

    2 and 3 are actually available in notifier for Elgg 1.9.x - can those be merged here please?


  • I have a problem with the display of the notification menu on a mobile device (tested on iOS/Safari and Android/Firefox) : the menu frame is moved toward the left, so I can only see half of it.

    I am currently using ELGG 1.9.4 and Aalborg responsive theme.

  • The system (notifications seemto work, but shouldnt there be an option to click the notification and get taken to the comment/etc.. As it stands, it just tells you that 'user a has commented on your status/post' etc... Cant click to get taken to it.Also half 'top half' of the submenu / notifications is hidden behind the topbar / title / menu bar. How can we bring this lower plz?

    Elgg 1.9.8 and Kalfikura theme.


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-6-16
  • Downloads: 8073
  • Recommendations: 30

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