New Live Notifications Ajax v1.8.5

Release Notes

Version 1.8.5 (2013-08-21):


  • Corrected Bug with some plugins in the login view (when not being logged)
  • Corrected bug language file
  • Corrected bugs javascript and change css style, now use popup elgg style


  • Added Notification when users is tagging in wire and comments messages, ejem: @admin
  • Compatibility with facebook theme and cooltheme


  • I don't see any notifications. Please make it clearer how to get this plugin to work. Am using the latest version of hypealive plugin and it doesn't report any activity notification to the topbar or anywhere else plus i downloaded this new version but it stil shows version 1.8.0. Don't know if this is the wrong upload.

  • Hi, I have not tested with the hypealive plugin, I think this plugin does not use the default actions of elgg comments and likes, so that did not identify the notification plugin

  • page is freezing after awhile giving me a "not responding due to a long-running script error"? so have to close window and reload?

  • I disabled plugin but now i'm getting "The requested action (live_notifications/refresh_count) was not defined in the system"???????   

    The plugin is not even activated???  NEED CORRECTED ASAP!!!!!!

  • LT after installing or uninstalling the plugin you need to clean your cache.

  • I did that many times already still issue!  I have to delete from server to stop it!  Like plugin but isn't working for me if it keeps freezing the screen for me and users...

  • I keep getting this error in admin dashboard! and plugin isnt even on server no more i deleted after deactivating plugin!

    "The requested action (live_notifications/refresh_count) was not defined in the system."

  • If you deleted elgg cache:, and you should not have that error.

    The only thing that remains is you clear your browser's cache.

    I do not know the reason for that error, freeze your server, this is the first time someone commented.

  • No it didn't freeze server if was freezing the webpage on chrome and IE and just now clear the browser cache see if that was it!

    If you like I can reinstall and give you account to test it?

  • Is there a Configuration Settings option? Is there a way to connect your notifications to email?

  • @charismaticlee No, I have not that option currently implemented, but in the next version I have contemplated.

  • Another question: how do you "@" people?

  • : D, just i select your username in the comments and dragging the editing area, Greetings

  • Hola Fernando Vega

    Creo que entiendes español asi que queria hacer una pregunta

    He instalado tu plugin, y me doy cuenta que se activan las notificaciones de grupo por defecto, es decir cada vez que se une un usuario a un grupo se activa la notificacion de ese grupo automaticamente. funcion que es muy util para mi. 

    ¿en que parte del desarrollo de tu plugin se activa las notificaciones de email por defecto?



  • Hola @kathe, el plugin no lo he ligado con envio de email, lo tengo analizado en la siguente versión, que espero liberar en cuanto tenga alguna posibilidad de mis compromisos laborales, espero que sea en un mes aproximadamente.

    Te mando saludos

    • 1) Cleared the browser's (Firefox 23.0.1) cache...

      2) Ran upgrade.php

      RESULT: no notifications...

    • Must the Elgg core Notifications plugin be running? Or, must your 1.8.5 plugin be placed above any others (in my directory, it's at the bottom.)

  • charismaticlee  

    No reason for why notifications are displayed, I have the plugin at the bottom of all plugins, I have notifications enabled plugin (Elgg).

    The testing I've done is a default installation of elgg 1.8 + and with comments and likes by default. I have not tried other plugins and unaware as to behave.

    I have not received this type of error that you comment me. I would like to help but I require more precise data: information firebug, apache error.log, your plugins settings, etc.. To identify whether it is an error on my development or your installation and customization of Elgg.


  • good morning, very good plugin. used it perfectly, but I installed "river_comment" and stopped working. as I can make it work?

  • Hola Fernando Vega, estoy probando tu plugin y me doy cuenta de que cuando recibes una notificación, sin hacer ninguna otra acción en la pagina, al siguiente refresh_count elimina el icono rojo de notificación, sin haber hecho "hover" encima ni haber visualizado la notificación, no debería mantener el icono rojo hasta que se hace "hover"?

    Un saludo

  • great plugin!

    how can i adapt it to work for messages too? or is there already a plugin for it?

  • Not working with Elgg 1.9 it seems.

    Any working demo with 1.9?

  • How can an user turn it off overall if she does not want to get notifications?

    How can she turn it off / unsubscribe from certain posts ?

    After installing this the site notification options are gone from settings for an user.

  • Hi, I'm a new in the community. Great work everybody.

    I'm using the 1.8 version with the Alternative bootstrap plugin themes. So the position of the popup is wrong, and the selection clic doesn't work.

    position notification


    Where can I modifie this values ?

    is it in the popup.php file?


    popup.php :


    $html = elgg_view('live_notifications/floatlist');

    echo elgg_view_module('popup', '', $html, array(
            'id' => 'live_notifications',
            'class' => 'hidden clearfix',
     <?php if(elgg_is_active_plugin('cool_theme') || elgg_is_active_plugin('facebook_theme')): ?>
     <style type="text/css">
     .messages-new {
        left: 16px;
        min-width: 16px;

    .elgg-page-topbar .elgg-search {
        margin: 4px 0 4px 351px;
        position: relative;
    <?php endif; ?>



    Thank you


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-6-16
  • Downloads: 8414
  • Recommendations: 30

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