New Live Notifications Ajax v1.8.0

Release Notes

  1. Corrected bug when like the wire message
  2. Corrected Bug in the login view not being logged
  3. Added Notification for user at the answer to his wire message.
  4. Added Notification for user at the answer to his discussion post in the group
  5. Changed the data model, probably not old notifications appear
  6. Delete icon notification
  7. Delete All button
  8. Cron to delete old notifications, two weeks ago
  9. Some minor changes in views


  • thanks for your opinions and bug reports

  • thanks; i was testing the other notify plugin from juho and found it was showing some events in a random way.. (possibly caused by another elgg issue, not the notify plugin)..
    i tried your one and found that an empty element is in the list..


    possibly this is because i logged in to another test account using the 'login as' plugin and this may have created an event of some kind that has not been properly processed in elgg (the login as plugin was a bit hacked as i recall).

    do you know the easiest way for me to find the cause of the empty item?


  • This plugin does not support juho plugin, so you can not have both running at the same time, both have the same subtype 'notification', but have different data model. regards

  • ok i see.. so maybe the blank entry is somehow related to me having both on at once temporarily.

    so to remove the entry i need to delete the items with subtype 'notification'?

  • ah, i see there is a way to delete the items in the 'see all' list.. 
    (also i notice the tooltip is not in english - eliminar) 

  • image

    i'm partway through testing here.. here's what i have found:

    • some of the language tags are missing.
    • as you can see, at least one entry needs an extra space character after the ':' symbol.
    • the tooltip for the delete button is not in english.
    • i think the styling would be better if there were a maximum number of items that could be rendered and the vertical scrolling is disabled.

    (also, for some reason i am unable to render the notification box underneath the topbar - z-index is not having any effect.. though that is most likely not because of this plugin).



  • Thanks Ura Soul, i will take into consideration for the next version

  • @Fernando.. Is there any way to get it to work for facebook theme 1.4?   Thanks.


  • you are welcome. i am also seeing warnings in the logs (many of them):
    2013/01/29 23:05:58 [error] 9075#0: *183775 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP WARNING: 2013-01-30 00:05:58 (CET): "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in file /var/www/mysite/engine/lib/elgglib.php (line 713)" while reading response header from upstream, client: xx.x.xx.xx.xx, server:, request: "POST /action/live_notifications/refresh_count HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://", host: "", referrer: "" 

  • @Mitsos, yes i replace the lines 7 to 11 in the file live_notifications/views/default/live_notifications/js/live_notifications.init.js.php, for this:

            position: "absolute",
            top: (32 + + "px",
            left: (pos.left-122) + "px"


    Work for me, regards

  • @Fernando..

    Thanks... That Displays the notification box correctly.. But still live notifications with facebook theme dont work.. Does it work for you with facebook theme??


  • @Fernando.. Please note that i am using Hypealive and Hypeframework.. The order is from Top-> Down..Facebook theme -->Hypeframework-->Hypealive.


  • Quick bug report. This text is shown in the live notification box.


    Must be that it isn't configured for group-level discussions?


  • Great plugin, it's a bummer that it does not use standard river string as the content of the notification like notifier plugin does

    $title = "river:create:$type:$subtype";

    combination of the two would be perfect, ajax and standard river strings.

    Maybe someone can merge two ideas :)

  • Found the problem. Language file has a bug. "live_notifications:group:create:groupforumtop" should be changed to "live_notifications:group:create:groupforumtopic"

  •  @Fernado Vega: I still don't know where to call the function add_new_notification() to add new event. Can you explain it for me?

  • Tenho um problema quando abilito este plugin o registro do meu site falha. Quando desabilito o registro volta a funcionar normalmente e novos usuários podem ser cadastrados no site.

    ótimo plugin mas infelizmente este bug me impede de usá-lo

  • Hola Fernando,

    El plugin contiene un bug que se aprecia con el plugin loginrequired activado. Parece ser que tiene un problema con las imágenes, concretamente con el vínculo de las mismas (no las carga o bien las muestra sin vínculos).

    Si pruebas los plugins Loginrequired, Image captcha y Elgg social login comprobarás los errores que te comento. Un saludo y gracias!! :)

  • Por cierto, como sugerencia añade como notificación que cuando te nombren en un tweet utilizando @tunombre te lo notifique también, no sólo cuando te responden. Un saludo!!

  • hi, this plugin is great but seems that a js error break the view of profile_manager plugin (add custom field)  ...pos is null...


    into ".../mod/live_notifications/views/default/live_notifications/js/live_notifications.init.js.php" before

    var pos = $('#live_notifications_link').offset();


  • Gracias por todos sus comentarios estoy trabajando en una nueva versión con mejor compatibilidad, espero en las siguientes semanas publicarla. Saludos

  • @fernando,

     great work but the like and comments does not show up in the notifications also I cannot click on the notifactions to carry me to the likes or comments. I user elgg.1.8.9 and fb theme 1.4



  • Great Plugin, but i have one problem:

    I am using hypeFramework and hypeAlive 1.8.5 for Likes and Comments on my Site.
    Is there a chance to get the notifications for this mods?

    Greetings from Germany.


  • Awesome plugin. Friends gettnig one issue with it.

    Notifications are coming like  live_notifications:group:create:answer , this is not getting replaced with actual text user should see. pls help what can be actual cause ?

  • will this work on the ''cool theme'' the best theme on elgg?


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-6-16
  • Downloads: 8272
  • Recommendations: 30

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